April 25, 2016
Adam Sandler And David Spade Release Raunchy Trailer For 'The Do-Over' [Video]

Adam Sandler has not had the best of luck lately with his film projects. But now, he is teaming back up with old "SNL" pal David Spade, and they are taking a new comedy to Netflix with their raunchy film, The Do-Over.

What is for sure at this point is that the former box office heavyweight Adam Sandler could really use a break with a great movie. His last film to be released in theaters, Pixels, did not do so well with audiences and critics. Even his last film to be released on Netflix did not get very good reception, which could have been due to the controversy surrounding the production on The Ridiculous 6. To make matters even worse, that film got a zero percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and only one star on Netflix itself.

Now, according to The Verge, The Do-Over has all the hallmarks of an Adam Sandler film with a few minor differences. Well, one major difference, to be exact.

First of all, the film actually puts David Spade in the lead as the character with top billing. Just consider it something that kind of puts Adam Sandler as a supporting character, but he is central to the entire film and the plot. There are also those extra moments that make the film look like a classic David Spade comedy, kind of in the same way that his character gets abused like Joe Dirt.Next up on the list is that the film is not just a straight up comedy. Although comedy does take the lead, it has a lot of action in it that makes the comedy so important. First of all, Adam Sandler (the long lost friend) fakes both of their deaths so that David Spade can leave his life as a loser (bank manager of a branch that is inside a grocery store, a wife who openly cheats with her ex-husband, step-kids who don't respect him, etc.).

So now, Sandler and Spade have to sent themselves off to make a new life just after attending their own funerals of course. But things go sour and Spade soon remembers why he had to stop hanging out with Adam Sandler's character in the first place – because he is a complete lunatic. All that time, he saw it as Sandler trying to do him a favor, but their past comes creeping back up on him and they get into some nasty trouble.

The whole time, Sandler faked being an FBI agent and gives Spade the runaround about the gambit of law enforcement pursuits that he went through to become a cop, but got dismissed because he was crazy.

The truth is, this raunchy comedy has all the hallmarks of an Adam Sandler film and a David Spade film. But Spade takes top billing, and Sandler plays only second to his long time friend and film collaborator.

What can essentially be said about this film is that it is an action-comedy, mostly. It could also be billed as a comedy romp with sexuality being the top sale, considering some of the content that is in this Adam Sandler trailer.

But fans of Adam Sandler and David Spade should probably not watch this trailer while at work. It is a red-band trailer and features some very raunchy and explicit scenes of sexuality, violence, and curse words that could get you fired from your job should someone from human resources walk by your desk.

Although fans know that the film is being released straight to Netflix, there has been no word yet from the streaming buffet giant when the Adam Sandler film will be released for binge viewing.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]