Sonja Morgan Shocked At Dorinda’s Anger: ‘She Has Never Been Any Different’

Sonja Morgan didn't attend Dorinda Medley's bra party on The Real Housewives of New York, but she is surprised at what went down.

While many people were shocked that Ramona Singer would bring up stories she's heard about John, Dorinda's boyfriend, Sonja is shocked at Medley's ignorance when it comes to Singer. In fact, Sonja believes that Ramona hasn't changed once and that everything you see with Ramona is what you get. In other words, Morgan claims that Ramona hasn't changed one bit in all of the years she's known her.

According to a new Bravo report, Sonja Morgan is now coming to her friend's defense, saying that Dorinda should have known that Singer would say and do crazy things. Morgan has been friends with Singer for years, and she's prepared for just about anything. Even though Medley may not have experienced any odd situations with Ramona, she should have known it could happen, as Sonja Morgan has had plenty of experiences with her.

"Dorinda! So dramatic. Friends with Ramona for 20 years? Then you know her. She has never been any different. Neither of you have been to each other's homes until recently, so maybe you are now getting to know each other for real," Sonja reveals in her blog for Bravo, sharing that there's nothing that surprises her anymore.

Another issue that surfaced during the episode was Bethenny Frankel. John thought he would confront her about supposedly copying a friend's business. He accused her of stealing the concept behind Skinny Cow to create her very own Skinnygirl. Luckily, Frankel was quick to fight back, claiming that she didn't steal anything.

"Not sure where John was going with his story about Skinny Cow? Like, who did skinny first? But it's not his place to get all confrontational with the girls. Or any woman. It's not gentlemen-like. Dorinda is obviously going through something. I feel her pain," Sonja Morgan points out, sharing that the business comments about Bethenny were just outrageous and only meant to hurt her.

Ramona and Carole Radziwill left the party early, but Sonja Morgan does have something to ask Carole. Ever since she started dating Adam Kenworthy, Luann de Lesseps has hinted that she's dating a "Sonja-young" guy. Of course, Morgan has admitted that she has dated much younger men, but she doesn't see that as a bad thing. And she doesn't want Radziwill to see it as a bad thing, either.

"Hey Radz, whats wrong with Sonja-young? My guys were great. I really enjoyed my time with them. And they enjoyed me for me. I can't help it if my friends scared them off! Not an easy group to hang with. I am now looking for someone to spend my life with though. Before, I was in a holding pattern. Getting my daughter through a patch with my divorce by providing stability and getting through my business lawsuit while building my businesses. That's all behind me now, and I feel proud," Sonja Morgan explains of her personal life.

And Morgan has made headlines in regards to her dating life. Sonja has recently revealed that she wants to find someone, who she can settle down with. Morgan was married once before and she has been dating younger men for a while to explore the dating life in New York. But now, Morgan wants to settle down. No word on whether she wants to get married again.

What do you think of Sonja Morgan's comments about Dorinda Medley's friendship with Ramona Singer? Did you expect Ramona to speak out the way she did about John?

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