The 10 Best and Formidable Hot Dogs

Next to apple pie and baseball nothing says United States of America than the legendary hot dog. Even though many of us wouldn’t touch one with a ten-foot pole if we knew what was really in those tubular steaks they continue to be a mainstay of our dinner tables, backyard BBQs and culture.

Recently Brynn Mannino over at compiled a list of ten of the best and admittedly formidable hot dog recipes around. I have – with a big at tip to both Brynn and Papa Melony – posted it here for your recipe collecting pleasure.

Spaghetti Dogs

Personally I think this one is just a little too off the wall but I am sure something like this would be a hit with the kids. To produce this kid delight simply puncture slices of raw hot dog with uncooked spaghetti and boil.

Spaghetti-Hot-Dogspicture courtesy of Boing Boing

Corn Dog Casserole

Hmm .. I guess the prerequisite for this one is that you like corn dogs, which I don’t and that you have a very low cholesterol level. What you do is layer much like a lasagna the following items: hash brown patties, crumbled bacon, baked beans, corn and French Fries. This is all topped with quarter-inch slices of corn dogs and drizzled with yellow mustard.

Corn-Dog-Casserolepicture courtesy of

Ditch Dogs

Wow people are actually willing to pay $14 dollars for this creation at the Ditch Plains restaurant in Manhattan but you can do the same thing by combining a potato bun, a hot dog along with a Gruyere/American/Parmesan mac ‘n’ cheese blend. Me .. I think I’ll pass.

Mac-and-Cheese-Hot-Dogpicture courtesy of

Chinese Hot Dog

Almost as much as hamburgers, hot dogs and apple pie our version of Chinese food is a big part of our culture. For those that just can’t do without their weekly fixing of sushi and wonton soup you can try out slices of hot dog wrapped with egg-dipped dough and then deep fried. Apparently they do really well at Eden Wok in New York where they sell for $2.50 each.

Eggroll-Encased-Hot-Dogpicture courtesy of

Le Pogo et Frites

Never mind those Freedom Fries because we have for you the Americanization, thanks to Phil Lee, of a South Korean roadside snack. Basically nothing more than a hot dog surrounded by french fries Phil transformed it using corn meal batter and french fries.

French-Fry-Hot-Dogpicture courtesy of

The Chihuahua

Not surprisingly given the popularity of the venerable hot dog there are a lot of restaurants that specialize in overloading the poor little things with all kinds of stuff. Crif Dogs in New York City is well known for this concoction that sees a hot dog blanketed in bacon and then join with sour cream and avocado.

CrifDogs-Chihuahuapicture courtesy of

The Hamdog

If you are ever in the mood to really hurt yourself then the place to head to is Mulligan`s Bar in Decatur, Georgia, and pony up to one of their Hamdog`s. This `little`creation has the following goodies in it: one hot dog wrapped in a half-pound of beef patty. This is then deep-fried, placed in a hoagie roll and topped with chili, bacon and a fried egg.

Mulligans-Slam-Dogpicture courtesy of

The Hot Dog Flower

Obviously a pretty simple offering of hot dog goodness but apparently these cumin-flavored goodies are popular food fair in New York City`s Chinatown – especially at the low price of $1 each.

Hot-Dog-Flowerpicture courtesy of

Hot Dog Summer Roll

Continuing with our mashing up of American hot dog love and Chinese food obsession we have this offering from Jill Snyder where she takes slices of hot dogs and wraps them with rice paper and filled with various vegetables. Unfortunately this little creation didn`t help her win season five of Bravo`s cooking show – Top Chef, but hey you still might like it.

summer_rollpicture courtesy of

And finally we give you The Cornhole

This one should come with a warning that unless you have a cholesterol level of a new born baby this might not be something you want to try – or at least not make a habit of having. Using the picture as our guide to heart attack hell we have the corn on the cob wrapped with hickory bacon, which is then surrounded by alternating hot dog slices and Colby-Jack cheese sticks which is then encased in ground beef. Good luck and may your cardiologist be with you.

The-Cornholepicture courtesy of ThisIsWhyYou’