Bernie Sanders' Anti-Hillary Supporters Don't See The Big Picture

A previous Inquisitr report details a variety of possibilities for Bernie Sanders supporters who are refusing to vote for Clinton, no matter what, mostly that Bernie Sanders' supporters are so devoted that they could easily form a third and more progressive party, going the way of Ralph Nader without Sanders, who in other cases where he has said that he will get behind Hillary, appears to be enough to convince his supporters to do the same.

In a recent report also published by the Inquisitr about the antics on the Republican side of the aisle, Ted Cruz was mentioned as predicted to win Indiana for May 3; but, since then, the prediction has changed over to Donald Trump.

As far as the Republican side goes, many have said that the reach from Cruz to win at the Trump level before the Cleveland convention is impossible.

John Kasich and ted Cruz debate
Republican presidential candidates Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich, have reportedly united to try and defeat Donald Trump, in order to force a contested convention. Both are seen here at the GOP debate hosted by CNN March 10, 2016 [Photo by Wilfredo Lee/AP Photo]For a while, after there were reports about what Republicans were hoping to do in order to deny Donald Trump the chance, the initial targets were seen as the supporters, who's votes would also be denied if the leadership dumped Trump.

Another article by the Inquisitr which talks about how Donald Trump's delegates are being considered, refers to an article by the conservative Newsmax which quoted RNC member Ron Kaufman, when he talked about getting rid of them.

"Republican National Committee member Ron Kaufman commented that if Trump is close to that number after June 7, 'there'll be a compelling reason for folks to say he's won the most delegates by a lot and he's won the most voters by a ton.'

"The main thing Kaufman said, is to make sure that the people who voted in their states' primaries believe their votes mattered.

"'You just can't kick all those voters — more than have ever voted in our primary before — to the curb. We want to make sure they're with us in November,' said Kaufman."

For Democrats, the message to Bernie Sanders' supporters that Clinton is the best alternative to a Trump or Cruz nominee isn't sinking in for some Bernie supporters.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that there are enough Bernie supporters who are so on board with the self-described Democratic-Socialist, that they've become anti-Hillary.

Bernie Sanders speaks to crowds in Connecticut
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., addresses a gathering of supporters during a campaign rally on New Haven Green in New Haven, Conn., Sunday, April 24, 2016. [Photo by Charles Krupa/AP Photo]The article points to a twitter movement called BernieOrBust, which also reported that one supporter, who has been inspired by the Sanders campaign to become a part of the electoral process again says, they don't even want to hear Hillary talk.

It also references a Marist Poll, which claims that supporters for their Democratic candidates are firmly committed. This report is in contrast to the reports of wandering and unbound voters on the Republican side.

But the LA Times appears to confirm that Sanders is also committed to supporting Clinton, should she win the nomination. And, though that is more likely to be the case, Sanders is still not giving up on the campaign and neither are his supporters.


In Liberal circles, the Ralph Nader campaign of 2000 is blamed for why George W. Bush won that year.

In the article, even Sanders admits to this as many have publicly viewed him as the Nader equivalent for this year's election, which he promises not to become should he lose the nomination as he sees the importance in uniting the Democratic party, against any Republican nomination.

The LA Times article and other sources have often written that Sanders has done a lot to change the Democratic party platform in that he provides a different view which appears to be more in league with the principles of today's society, where his presence validates the social changes voters are seeing today.

Thus far, the attacks from the Republicans against Sanders can be seen from a mile awaywith a pre-packaged set of anti-Socialist rhetoric.


The Clinton campaign has also fired back at Sanders often, saying that his goals are too optimistic, unrealistic or even at times, compared to some Republicans.

But, the moderate left certainly cannot pursue business-as-usual with Sanders in the election. And his avid supporters, who refuse to go with Hillary, or the Hillary supporters who want Sanders to drop out already, are not interested in a united front against a Republican candidate.

Specifically, those who continue to see the election in a narrow lens are worth mentioning, as they're valuable assets for the Democrats, if only Bernie Sanders' staunch supporters would see the bigger picture.

[Photo by Otto Kitsinger/AP Photo]