To Donald Trump, Winning Primary Delegates Is Not As Scary As A Contested Convention

Donald Trump has been making the headlines as an uncontested challenger in the Republican presidential campaign to the point where losing delegates would be a strange thing to see.

Donald Trump speaks at CPAC 2011
Donald Trump speaks at CPAC in Washington, DC 2011. [Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr | CC BY 2.0]It helps for him to cast the image that he's a winner and has nothing to fear, but a corrupt system that will do anything to take it away from him.

But he does have something to fear, and that's a contested convention.

The important thing to remember about the upcoming Republican National Convention (RNC) is that those delegates who have not been loyal to the candidate during the caucuses and primaries, which is considered the first ballot, are unbound to a candidate when they vote during that second ballot.

Balloons released during RNC 2012.
Balloons released during Republican National Convention in 2012. [Image by PBS NewsHour via Flickr | CC BY 2.0]In other words, when the convention takes place in Cleveland this Summer, they can support the candidate of their choice.

An article by Newsmax which talks about those unbound delegates quotes an RNC member who did not give their name but who says that they would have to look for those unbound delegates at the RNC because they will be hard to find.

This would suggest that someone would want to know, in order to sway them from their chosen candidate, perhaps at the last minute?


This shows that Trump's rivals, such as the Cruz camp – specifically their national spokesman Ron Nehring -- are counting on the possibility that Trump "can't consolidate the party behind him."

"Donald Trump is trapped in his own brand... Most Republicans do not want to see Donald Trump as a republican nominee, and as we go forward, he is not going to be able to get to that point."
"That point" being 1,237 delegates.

The article refers to CNN's New Day program where Donald Trump's New York co-chair, councilman Joe Borelli says that it doesn't matter, it isn't mathematically possible for Cruz to win on the way to the convention.


Ron Nehring provided the tone for the Cruz campaign, which is expected, so it isn't surprising.

But the tone from the rest of the party, as we near the convention, is different and not like the tone when Mitt Romney looked as if he was speaking for the RNC with his anti-Trump speech a few months ago.

The current tone from the party appears to be positive to be fair, perhaps with fingers crossed, when they've been holding meetings -- apparently having a good rapport with Trump in order to parallel the news that Trump's political strategist Paul Manafort, has been making promises of a new Donald, as recently reported by The Inquisitr.


The question remains: is the RNC willing to accept Trump as the nominee now because they have no choice?

The NewsMax article also makes note of Donald Trump's accusations against the Ted Cruz campaign of wheeling, dealing, and stealing delegates, playing "dirty tricks" to get one over on him, while pointing out that his team has even said that they're going to use their own methods to get their delegates as well.

For instance, Politico is reporting that a Trump aid has been accused of bullying Delaware GOP for delegates.

The article says that Joe Uddo, who was previously with former Republican candidate Ben Carson before he suspended his campaign, has threatened to use twitter to reveal back room deals for Delaware's GOP and/or a lawsuit.

One source described just who their delegates are.

"One of our delegates is just a little old lady," said one of the sources. "This is not cigar chomping, tobacco spitting guys with three piece suits. These are just normal Delawareans, hardworking, retirees."

The Trump campaign has said that they intend to get their delegates on the first ballot, which is what these primaries and caucuses have been, including the ones for next Super Tuesday where he is predicted to win all five states.

The second ballot is the convention.

The Politico article points out that of the 16 delegates for the state of Delaware, most of them are Trump supporters but the "arm twisting" tactics that Joe Uddo is using is likely to turn them off.


It even notes that when Politico tried to get a response from the delegates, they did respond for fear of backlash.

The threat to Donald Trump overall is for that second ballot, which according to the Washington Post, Ted Cruz is hoping that due to the recent meetings he, Trump, and Kasich have had with the RNC over the last week, will have convinced them to switch to his side during a potentially contested convention.

It's also been noted that Donald Trump does not want to deal with a messy contested convention and would rather get all the delegates before the June deadline.

[Image by Michael Dwyer/AP Photo]