Kim Kardashian Divorce Rumor: Disastrous Trip To Iceland Reportedly Leading To A Split For Kim And Kanye

Kim Kardashian is reportedly headed for divorce after a disastrous trip to Iceland that laid bare some very big problems in her marriage to Kanye West.

The couple has been the subject of divorce rumors for several months, dating back almost to their wedding weekend itself. Celebrity news outlets have reported that the couple is being torn apart by fighting, jealousy, and Kanye's erratic behavior.

The latest report comes from Radar Online, which claimed that Kanye West refused to leave his wife's side during the trip.

"Kanye wouldn't let Kim out of his site [sic] during the trip," the outlet claimed a confidential source shared. "Kanye wanted to spend every second with her. He was always trying to make sure they were together."

The story is the latest in the most recent string of divorce rumors, kicked off by an allegedly disastrous trip to New York City for Kanye West's fashion show back in February. The couple reportedly got into a fight after Kanye's tantrum in a hotel that weekend --- or so unnamed sources had claimed.

That is the trouble with the divorce rumors surrounding Kim and Kanye. They have always been based on anonymous sources, and over the last few years, all have turned out to be false.

The latest Kim Kardashian divorce story follows a common theme --- Kanye's controlling nature. Several other times he has been accused of trying to control different aspects of Kim's life, from her media exposure to her wardrobe.

Last year, Celeb Dirty Laundry claimed that Kim Kardashian had settled on divorce after living under Kanye's control for so long.

"Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's marriage has run its course – Kanye has always been controlling when it comes to the reality TV star and basically dresses her like a toy doll. After forcing his wife to bleach her hair on more than one occasion and wear ridiculous ensembles to events (like a sheer evening gown that shows off her Spanx), Kanye West finally crossed a line when he put Kim on a crazy diet and began counting her calories for her and forcing her to meet with dieticians and fitness trainers."
There are already some serious doubts as to whether the most recent Kim Kardashian divorce rumor is true. Gossip Cop took apart the Radar Online report, noting that the outlet has been selling false stories about the couple's alleged divorce for months.
"The site previously said their New York trip in February was a 'disaster,' and then alleged their time in Montana earlier this month was the 'vacation from hell.' All the while Kardashian and West stay happily together, RadarOnline tries to put a negative spin on each and every thing the couple does together. Gossip Cop can see right through it, and that's why we weren't surprised in the least when Kardashian's rep exclusively told us this Iceland tale was yet another 'false' story."
If Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are divorcing this time, they aren't showing any outward signs of it. Just this weekend, the couple went out together to a friend's wedding, and Kim and Kanye seemed very much like a couple in love and nowhere near divorcing. Kim even posted pictures of the wedding, with the affectionate caption, "my cutie."

[Image via Instagram/Kim Kardashian]