WWE News: WWE Teases Authority Vs. Shane McMahon Plans For ‘WWE Raw’

Shane McMahon lost to the Undertaker at WrestleMania 32. The stipulation was that if McMahon lost in their Hell in a Cell match, then he wouldn’t get control of Monday Night Raw and Vince McMahon would receive his lockbox back with all of his secrets. In the episode after WrestleMania, Vince and Shane had an altercation in which the CEO gave Shane control of the show. This deemed WrestleMania meaningless, but it had an interesting dynamic on the program.

The CEO’s son has done a great job with the show by adding several wrestlers who aren’t usually showcased in the spotlight. In that time, the Authority haven’t appeared on the program whatsoever, which makes fans wonder what direction the WWE Creative team is going. With many ways to direct the writing, the important thing is to keep logic and common sense alive. Without the Authority right now, it’s only a matter of time before they return.

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They could be returning soon, which would showcase art imitating life for a brief moment. Reason being, there were rumors of a real-life rift between Shane and Triple H in the past. Whether that’s true or not, WWE fans want to see an altercation between the two. It hasn’t happened since Shane came back to the company before WrestleMania.

Something big has taken place at Monday Night Raw since Shane has taken control of the program. The WWE usually posts a preview of the show the day before. Yesterday, WWE.composted a preview of WWE Raw and included a tidbit about the Authority and Shane.

“Shane McMahon continued his hot streak across the pond in London, running his third consecutive Raw thanks to the unbelievable support of the WWE Universe. However, Monday night’s hottest show now ventures to Hartford, Conn., mere minutes from The Authority’s offices in WWE Headquarters.

“We haven’t seen Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on Raw since WrestleMania, nor have we gotten their thoughts on Shane-O-Mac’s job performance. Will The Authority arrive to put an end to Shane’s new era, or will they actually deem him ‘best for business’ at the helm of Raw?”

Without hesitation, the WWE Creative team should have no problem bringing back Triple H and Stephanie. They were enigmatic characters on television and will come right back into the fold when it’s the appropriate time. The dynamic duo could return with Finn Balor or even Seth Rollins. Rollins will get cleared soon, and Balor just lost the NXT championship at a house show in Lowell, Massachusetts.

The WWE Creative team could pull the trigger and make a big splash with a brand split. A leaked design came out this past week of a new WWE championship belt that looks like the classic winged-eagle belt of old. That doesn’t even come close to confirming that a new belt is coming out, but at least the realistic design is out on the internet.

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There have been prior reports of a brand split, with the Authority taking over WWE SmackDown and for Shane to continue running Monday Night Raw. That would work very well and give both brands a new look. Also, they could give a bigger reason to watch both shows. Right now, WWE Raw is the arguably the only show that has importance in storylines.

SmackDown is getting better as of late. Mauro Ranallo and the focus of wrestling has had something to do with that. Still, major storylines aren’t prioritized on Thursday nights. That could happen with a brand split. If the Authority returns tomorrow night and Shane is there, then get ready for an epic confrontation between the COO and the man who should be the COO.

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