Tori Spelling Stranded In Paris After Developing Bronchial Pneumonia [Video]

After developing bronchial pneumonia, Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, and their four children are stranded in Paris until Spelling is healthy enough to fly home. Spelling was flown to Europe by Danish television station TV2 to present an award at the Zulu Awards ceremony earlier this month.

During her time in Copenhagen, Spelling and her family enjoyed seeing the sights in Denmark, including the Tivoli Gardens, and Tori even got to “take a boat ride through the canals of Copenhagen,” an insider revealed. While Tori and Dean were able to spend some much-needed time together, their children “had a ball.”

After enjoying their time in Denmark, Spelling and her family traveled on to Paris, where they went shopping and visited famous sites like the Eiffel Tower — and reconfirmed their wedding vows!

During a romantic cafe dinner, Dean proposed to Tori Spelling for the third time, reconfirming their marital vows after the cheating scandal that nearly destroyed their marriage. In 2013, McDermott was caught in a hotel room with another woman who claimed that Dean “told me he and Tori had a sexless marriage.”

According to Us Weekly, Dean surprised Tori with an antique ring, getting down on one knee with the Eiffel Tower in the background and their children surrounding them. The special moment was caught on camera and shared over Instagram.

According to an insider, Dean carefully worked with the owners of the Cafe de l’Homme for the special moment to take place on the restaurant’s terrace, which overlooks the city and its landmarks.

“Dean planned it with the owners,” Spelling revealed to photographer Michael Simon. Tori confessed that her husband was able to “have the terrace all reserved and private for us, and told me we were going to get coffee and hot chocolates for the kids. And then surprised me when he got down on one knee and presented me with an antique engagement ring.”

After their dream Paris trip, Tori and her family then visited the Loire Valley. There, Spelling stayed at the Chateau Curzay, where rooms in the 18th century castle start at over $200 per night.

At the castle, Dean, who “is a gourmet cook and is currently back blogging on his cooking website, The Gourmet Dad,” was able to tour the hotel’s kitchens, as well as create a meal for the other guests with vegetables grown right on the hotel’s property.

The Spelling family was also treated to “a pool where the kids can swim,” and enjoyed watching the “deer roaming the property,” a source revealed. Tori, Dean, and the kids were also invited to take “a boat trip that took them down the Vonne river,” a source said.

But after just a few days, Tori started feeling sick, and eventually it got so bad that she went to a local doctor. The physician diagnosed her with bronchitis, and gave Tori some medication.

According to an insider, “Tori was really sick,” making it necessary for Spelling, Dean, and their children to return to Paris. But there, things only got worse, so Tori saw a different doctor. After getting a second opinion, the doctor in Paris “felt she had developed bronchial pneumonia, and insisted she was not fit to fly.”

Tori has since been recovering in a Paris hotel room while her husband is taking care of the children, who, according to a source, are ready to go home. The “kids are getting restless and want to get back to school and their friends. And Dean and Tori both need to get back to LA for work,” the insider revealed, adding that Spelling was “originally scheduled to fly back this past weekend.”

But thanks to the bronchial pneumonia Spelling developed, “no one is sure just how much longer it will be before Tori is well enough to make the trip. In the meantime, they are all grounded in Paris.”

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]