Watch the Large Hadron Collider live online [end of the world?]

The Large Hadron Collider, the most audacious experiment in the history of physics is due to be fired up shortly, and you can follow the events live online.

Cern has two live streams, one in Windows Media format, the other in Flash. At the time of writing the sites were being hammered with traffic, so it’s pot luck as to whether you’ll get on and get the stream playing.

There is also suppose to be a stream on EVO here, although you have to sign up to get access…which might mean you’ll have a better chance of getting on.

CMS is offering webcam coverage from the site, no live streams, but you will get the general picture here.

The event is getting a lot of coverage in the heritage media, although it’s not clear who will be running the stream live. Try Livestation for access for some channels, or websites directly.

Cern is on Twitter, and there’s an a live blogging effort from of all places on Twitter here.

If you’re concerned about the LHC creating a black hole that will consume the planet, you can stay informed at

If you’re interested in a layman’s explanation of what the LHC is trying to achieve, Wired has the best guide.

The first test is due to commence at around 5pm Australian Eastern, midnight PDT.

UPDATE: First test was a success, with the big show yet to come. Cern’s official stream didn’t like the traffic, but following this post, Livestation contacted Cern and are now an official streaming partner. Details here, and for the next round of tests, I’d recommend trying Livestation first.