'Silicon Valley': Thomas Middleditch Opens Up About The New Season

Ahead of the new season of HBO's Silicon Valley, the show's main star Thomas Middleditch has opened up about what's to come in the new season. The first episode of Silicon Valley Season 3 is set to air on Sunday night, so several cast members have been making appearances to tell fans exactly what they can expect in this new season.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Thomas Middleditch, who plays the socially awkward Richard Hendricks in the HBO series was keen to express the differences between himself and his character. In fact, he even went as far to rock up to the interview with a bow tie and cane. For those who only know Middleditch from his role in Silicon Valley, his attire, and general attitude will without a doubt come as a huge surprise.

It was the end of Silicon Valley Season 2 where host Christopher John Farley was keen to start. Fans of Silicon Valley will already be more than aware that the previous season of the show saw Middleditch's character, Richard Hendricks removed as the CEO of his own company, Pied Piper. It was a shocking revelation that left many viewers wondering what would happen next for the young entrepreneur, and with a whole year before they'd find out too.

According to Mashable, Middleditch told Farley that the new season of Silicon Valley picks up exactly where the previous season left off, going on to say that Richard's firing is the main theme of Season 3 as the young company comes to terms with yet another tragedy.

Middleditch's character being ejected from the world of Silicon Valley does, of course, open up the possibility of a new role to replace him as the CEO of Pied Piper. That's a role filled by Jack Barker, a veteran tech CEO played by Stephen Tobolowsky.

Middleditch goes on to hint that his character in Silicon Valley could very well undergo some pretty drastic changes as a result of the changes that are happening around him, meaning that programmer Richard Hendricks could finally ditch his hoody and dress like the business man everyone wants him to be.

If Thomas Middleditch is to be believed, fans of Silicon Valley will be pleased to hear that this season definitely has a lot of the same hi-jinks that we've come to know and love from the show's previous seasons. However, Silicon Valley is a show that's been commended for its rapid progression and that looks set to continue in this season.

As the name of the show suggests, Silicon Valley takes place in the highly technical southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area, which is home to many of the world's biggest names in tech and as such, the stars of the show had to get the lingo of the area just right. Middleditch told Farley of how there's a tech consultant on the set of Silicon Valley at all times to make sure that they had a basic understand of what he called the tech "gobbledygook."

Middleditch went on to express that much like many sitcoms, improvisation is a big part of Silicon Valley, however, the show's tech consultant often has to step in and tell the stars that what they're saying doesn't make technical sense.

Middleditch's appearance to talk about Silicon Valley definitely provided some key details of exactly what's to come in the new season of the show. That being said, it also revealed the eccentricity around Middleditch himself, who as aforementioned, is very different to his Silicon Valley character.

Silicon Valley returns to HBO for Season 3, alongside new seasons of Game of Thrones and Veep on April 24.

[Image via HBO]