‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: A Must See Confrontation Between Liam And Quinn Next Week–Will Bill Find Her First?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease big drama is ahead next week as the CBS soap opera moves into May Sweeps in the next few weeks. Quinn Fuller has been missing in action, but she will reappear during the week of April 25-29. It looks like she will seek out Liam Spencer because she (genuinely) believes he is the man for her. They will have an emotional confrontation, and the spoilers hint that the highly anticipated reunion could be interrupted by Bill Spencer.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have stated over and over that Bill was hell-bent on getting revenge on Quinn for kidnapping his son and keeping him away from his loved ones for three months. Bill is still angry that Quinn made him believe that his son wanted nothing to do with his family when the truth was that he was injured and couldn’t remember anything about his life.

Soap Opera Digest revealed that Bill is moving forward with revenge plans against Quinn. In fact, he is having trouble concentrating on anything but capturing Quinn. Deacon Sharpe said it best when he told her that when Bill gets finished with her, she will have wished she would have disappeared from town, never to come back. Bill isn’t happy that she took his son from him and will make sure she pays for it.

“Anyone who knows Bill knows, he pretty much gets what he wants. Bill has always known that Quinn was crazy. That there was never any doubt. No one, not even he, believed that Quinn was capable of going off the deep end to this magnitude. What she did was not only criminal, it was downright evil.”

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Bill isn’t used to not getting what he wants, the exact moment he wants it. And, he’s not taking it well that he hasn’t been able to locate her since she vanished without a trace. Bill comes up with the idea to keep a watchful eye on Liam because he felt relatively confident that Quinn would eventually show up to “proclaim her love” for Liam once again.

As it turns out, according to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Bill was right. Quinn risks her life to see Liam hoping that she can get through to him, and he will realize that she is the woman for him. The problem with her argument is Liam doesn’t love her and firmly believes that he is in love with Steffy Forrester. It is a complication (to say the least) in Quinn’s plan to win Liam back. Also, Bill’s hunt for Quinn complicates things, as well.

“Bill likes to control the situation and the people around him, so the feeling of being powerless and being hoodwinked is not something he is used to. As a result, Bill will take any means necessary to seek his vengeance against Quinn.”

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that on Wednesday and Thursday, Quinn and Liam will hash out what happened between them during the time he believed his name was Adam Smith. Quinn will admit to being wrong for lying to him about their, but she will tell him that she loves him, and that hasn’t changed. She will beg him for his forgiveness and swear they can have a wonderful life together.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, according to ABC Soaps In Depth, state that Bill could very well find Quinn during her emotional confrontation with Liam. The exchange between the former lovers will get heated, and someone may not make it out alive. Tune in next week on The Bold and the Beautiful to find out what happens next between Quinn, Bill, and Liam.

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