Giant Rainbow Appears Over Prince’s Minnesota Home As Fans Mourn His Death

A majestic rainbow appeared over Prince’s Paisley Park home in Minnesota while his fans mourned the legendary musician’s death outside the property, as reported by NBC News.

When news of Prince’s death broke on Thursday, the impact of his loss reverberated around the world. Countless tributes honoring the life and legacy of the “Purple Rain” singer have been posted across all media channels. And it’s just as well, considering the large impact Prince has made in the music world.

It had been a gloomy day at Prince’s estate in Chanhassan, Minnesota, which seems to reflect the overall mood of fans who gathered outside to pay tribute to the music icon. Even now, Prince’s Minnesota home became a shrine to fans who wanted to pay their respects, with many leaving countless flowers and dozens of purple balloons.

It was raining all morning while mourners stayed outside Prince’s Paisley Park home. But by the late afternoon, the clouds parted and the sky suddenly lit up. Before long, a giant rainbow lit up the sky above Prince’s home. It was a beautiful sight, as if the heavens above just sent the mourners there a message reminding them that Prince is now in a good place and is grateful for the way they honored his life and legacy after his death.

What makes the appearance of the rainbow all the more fascinating is that the same scenario happened hours after Nancy Reagan died in March. The rainbow appeared over the estate she shared with President Reagan. It was also a remarkable coincidence on account of the fact that her Secret Service code was “Rainbow.”

Tributes have been pouring in for Prince since he died but it can be argued that Mother Nature herself gave the music icon the best tribute of them all.

Prince was found dead in an elevator at his Paisley Park recording studio on Thursday morning. The cause of his death is yet to be announced. Entertainment gossip website TMZ broke the news of his death, which was then confirmed to The Independent, via Prince’s publicist.

“The news is devastatingly true,” he said.

The Carver County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the circumstances of the singer’s death.

A week ago, concerns about Prince’s health were raised after his private plane had an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois, where he was rushed to a nearby hospital. In the hospital, the singer was reportedly given a “save shot” to counter opiate overdose. After three hours, Prince was sent to his home in Minnesota so he could recuperate from his illness.

The night after, Prince appeared at a dance party near his home. Prince reportedly did not perform, but took the time to tell the audience, “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.”

Born on June 7, 1958, in Minnesota, Prince became a musical prodigy at a young age. His family had a deep musical background: his mother sang in a local jazz band led by his father. At age 7, Prince learned how to play the piano; at 14, guitar and drums — and he did so without receiving formal lessons.

His debut studio LP, For You, was released in 1978. While For You wasn’t a huge commercial success, his follow-up single, “I Wanna Be Your Lover,” became a big hit.

His second album, titled Prince, was released in the following year, shooting up to number four in the Billboard Soul LP charts. Channeling a plethora of musical influences from different genres ranging from jazz to disco and from rock to funk, Prince offered a distinct musical voice the general public embraced.

Before his death, Prince had released 39 studio albums, with 10 of them earning platinum status. Prince had won seven Grammy awards and had earned 30 nominations in his entire career.

[Photo by Jules Ameel/Getty Images]