5 Most Memorable And Terrifying 'Criminal Minds' Unsubs

Alexandria Ingham

Season 11 of Criminal Minds is almost over, and the storyline for the season finale is being set up. Serial killer Antonia was featured this week, and she will be a major player in the coming weeks. This is not the first smart-but-terrifying unsub the BAU has come up against. It is time now to remember six of the most memorable ones.

Tobias Hankel Played By James Van Der Beek

This is back in Criminal Minds Season 2 but still a memorable villain. Many Dawson Creek fans were surprised to see one of their favorites in a villain role, but Van Der Beek pulled it off. He played schizophrenic Tobias Hankel, who had been raised and abused by his religious father. His father was in his head, along with the archangel Raphael.

It really got scary when Spencer Reid was taken by Tobias, and beaten by the father. Tobias gave him drugs to help dull the pain, and it started the drug addiction storyline for Spencer. It doesn't help that Spencer still has nightmares about this now.

— Criminal Minds (@CrimMinds_CBS) April 21, 2016

Never has a serial killer made so many people cringe with the idea of what was happening to his very-alive victims. Unlike many others, it was not all about the kill but about the performance. It didn't help either that Rain was actually very childlike due to a brain injury that put him in a coma. Adam was trying to replicate the incident and tell the story through puppets – live puppets.

He abducted two people, but his male victim turned out to be too heavy for the device. After being killed, he was discarded. A second victim turned up, and both had dislocated shoulders and hips. It turned out Adam was using medieval torture to dislocated their joints and make them easier to move around.

— Bri Renae (@little_bri_bird) November 4, 2014

Before Adam Rain came Samantha Malcolm. As We Got This Covered reminds people, Criminal Minds unsubs aren't always evil by nature. Some have been psychologically damaged, and that was the case for Malcolm. After years of abuse, she had regressed into a child and began to kidnap petite women to become dolls for her tea party. It turned out the dolls had been given to Malcolm after her father abused her

Robert and Linda Reimann Played By Eric Sunkist and Frieda Jane

After being abused by Robert too much, Linda was unable to have any children of her own. They wanted children and to rectify that, Robert would abduct women and get them pregnant. If they had a boy, the women were kept and the babies given to Linda, who would always name them Michael. If the babies were girls, the women were killed and the babies abandoned.

— Criminal Minds (@CrimMinds_CBS) April 21, 2016

Foyet is not a Criminal Minds unsub fans will ever forget. After all, he managed something that no other unsubs have done: he killed the ex-spouse of an agent. He was nicknamed The Reaper, and was originally the victim. At least, that was the way he made it all seem. Instead, he had faked an attack to make it look like he was a victim and then stopped killing. A few years later, he started killing again, and the BAU realized it was him.

— Nordy (@Nordy_18) March 31, 2016

There have been some dangerous serial killers on Criminal Minds, and there have been some extremely memorable ones for all types of reasons. Some of the most terrifying have been smart ones with a bigger plan or those who never really wanted to kill but may not have realized what they were doing was wrong. Now Antonia joins the list as Criminal Minds Season 11 comes to a close.

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