Eddie Vedder And Daughter Harper Record Adorable Cover Of 60s ‘Batman’ Theme [Listen]

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder has brought another member of the family into the music business with him. His 7-year-old daughter, Harper, joined him in their apparent home-based music studio to record a surprising theme song.

As good as some recent Batman films have been in the past decades, it was the 60s TV series that gave us the most memorable theme song. It also gave us literally the only actor to actually look like the Joker we’ve seen in the comics most. Cesar Romero actually used the classic look, which Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and now Jared Leto have all deviated from. However, nobody has tried to improve on the classic Batman theme song — until now.


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The second most iconic theme for the DC Comics caped crusader was made for the Michael Keaton version of Batman, a more operatic take with a frantic feel. Danny Elfman was unfortunately muscled out by more modern musicians like U2, whose song “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” rocked us out at the end of Joel Schumacher’s debut in the series. Also unfortunately, Joel’s directing choices led to the quick demise of the series when he cast Arnold Schwarzenegger as a major villain.

Eddie Vedder isn’t known for doing covers of other people’s music, even though his band Pearl Jam has done at least 10 of them. These included “Last Kiss,” “Rockin’ In the Free World,” “Whip It,” and “I Won’t Back Down,” to name only a few. Of all of them, “Last Kiss” was one of the only covers to actually get radio play as fans tended to prefer their original songs like “Evenflow,” “Black,” and “Jeremy.”

When Eddie Vedder and his young daughter recorded a cover of the Batman theme, it was just her on vocals as he riffed the classic surf music, a reminder of how popular the sport was back in the 60s. This was, after all, the era when the Beach Boys grew to fame with songs like “Surfin’ U.S.A..”

It was on SiriusXM Radio that the song debuted, giving the world a taste of nostalgia and a sense of “aww” when Vedder’s grunge guitar sound met the vocals of his daughter, Harper. She appears to be a natural, too, since this isn’t the first time Eddie Vedder and daughter Harper have teamed up. If you saw Cameron Crowe’s Aloha, a critically disappointing film considering its all-star cast, and sat through to the end, you heard “The Traveler,” the Vedder duo’s first time recording together.

It’s generally not a good idea for a celebrity to bring their children into the entertainment industry with them, although it sometimes works out. Martin Sheen’s sons, Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, made names for themselves almost eclipsing his own. The same happened with Lloyd Bridges and his son, Jeff.

Of course, there are always the less successful ones such as Aaron Spelling, who brought his daughter into show business with Beverly Hills, 90210. To this day, Tori Spelling hasn’t had a breakout role. Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter, Kelly, has never escaped her father’s proverbial shadow either.

Eddie Vedder’s daughter might break the mold once more and launch Harper in her own successful music career. We can only hope.

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Global Citizen]