April 20, 2016
NFL Rumors: Eagles And Browns Make Blockbuster Trade To Shake Up NFL Draft - Philly Going After Quarterback

Less than a week ago, the Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans pulled off a blockbuster trade that totally pitched a big wrench into what could happen in the 2016 NFL Draft. With the draft quickly approaching, another big move was made on Wednesday that saw the Philadelphia Eagles move into the top two and the Cleveland Browns move down. Now, rumors are starting that Philly is looking at taking a quarterback, even with Sam Bradford penciled in as this year's starter.

It was confirmed by ESPN on Wednesday afternoon that the Cleveland Browns will indeed trade the second overall pick in the draft to the Philadelphia Eagles. In return, the Browns will get five draft selections over the course of the next two years.

As soon as the trade was made, though, the rumors immediately started up that the Eagles were planning to take a quarterback with the number two overall pick. More than anything, the rumors are leaning toward Philadelphia taking Carson Wentz of North Dakota State.

Albert Breer of the NFL Network is reporting that the Dallas Cowboys had a lot of interest in drafting Wentz, as well. Knowing that bit of information, the Eagles had to do something drastic and make a big move so they could get to him first.

It is highly expected that Jared Goff from the University of California is now going to be drafted by the Rams at the No. 1 overall spot. Once that happens, the Eagles will be sitting there waiting to take Wentz at No. 2, and it works out well with contract of Sam Bradford.

The trade that came together on Wednesday has the Browns getting five picks in exchange for giving the Eagles just two. It works out well for both teams, and Cleveland will still get a good player in the first round of this year, as they only drop down to No. 8.

The Cleveland Browns receive the following.

  • First-round pick in 2016 (#8)
  • Third-round pick in 2016 (#77)
  • Fourth-round pick in 2016 (#100)
  • First-round pick in 2017
  • Second-round pick in 2018
The Philadelphia Eagles receive the following.
  • First-round pick in 2016 (#2)
  • Conditional Fourth-round pick in 2017
Just yesterday, CBS Sports released a mock draft that actually predicted the Eagles would move up and take the No. 2 pick from the Browns. With that pick, the mock draft had them selecting Carson Wentz out of North Dakota State.

After those two quarterbacks are off the board, the top remaining signal-called will be Paxton Lynch out of Memphis. He isn't expected to make it out of the Top 10, as either San Francisco will take him at No. 7 or the Browns will snag him at No. 8.

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[Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images]This year's NFL Draft runs very deep with talent at numerous positions, but the top three quarterbacks could end up being gone before the top eight picks are even selected. The Rams, Eagles, Browns, and Titans are all doing what it takes to make their rosters better, and they're beating many others to the punch.

The 2016 NFL Draft is almost here, and there have seemingly been more moves before it has started than in the past few years combined. The top five of the draft looks nothing like it used to look, and the Philadelphia Eagles are now in a prime spot to get a future franchise quarterback. Jared Goff is likely to go first, and that means Philly will probably end up taking Carson Wentz, which will lead to a quarterback competition in training camp.

[Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images]