NFL Rumors: Something Big Happening In Top 5 Picks Of 2016 NFL Draft — Eagles To Trade Up High

The 2016 NFL Draft is quickly approaching, and Thursday brought about one of the biggest blockbuster trades in league history. The Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans made a trade that saw the Titans get a lot and the Rams get the number one overall selection. Now, there could be even more big things happening in the top five picks, and the Philadelphia Eagles may look to trade up and could target the Cleveland Browns as partners.

On Thursday, the Rams jumped ahead almost the entire league and into the number one spot overall by making the deal with the Titans. As reported by USA Today, the deal will benefit both, but the Rams surely gave up a lot and are hoping that it all pays off in the long run.

The L.A. Rams received:

  • #1 overall pick in 2016
  • Fourth-round pick (#113) in 2016
  • Sixth-round pick (#177) in 2016

The Tennessee Titans received:

  • First-round pick (#15) in 2016
  • Second-round pick (#43) in 2016
  • Second-round pick (#45) in 2016
  • Third-round pick (#76) in 2016
  • First-round pick in 2017
  • Third-round pick in 2017

Once the blockbuster trade was made, it was almost a given that the Los Angeles Rams would be selecting a quarterback with the number one overall pick this year. They know that a franchise quarterback is needed and that the draft is going to be their ticket to do that.

The problem was picking at number 15, and the trade now means they will have their pick which is expected to be Carson Wentz from North Dakota State or Jared Goff from California. If they go with Wentz, then it could mean another big move in the top five of the NFL Draft.

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Many are saying that the deal made by the Rams was far too much and something that never should have happened. Well, if they didn’t, someone else would have.

Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles were ready to pull off a deal that would have landed them the number one overall pick. It’s no secret that Philly is looking to draft a quarterback as well, and their goal was to draft Jared Goff as he is their top choice, according to Bleeding Green Nation.

Todd McShay, one of the NFL draft gurus at ESPN, has said that another big trade could shake up the top five again. He expects the Eagles to make a trade with the Cleveland Browns and move up into the second spot to take Goff.

“Number two, I’m starting to get a feeling, and the people I’m talking to, Cleveland may be not in love [with the No. 2 pick],” said McShay. “Philadelphia is a team that’s been laying there in the weeds and kind of meeting with all of the quarterbacks. We know they need one. How about they move up to number two and get Jared Goff at that spot. Cleveland flops down and we’ll work out the trade details later.”

“Jared Goff, I’ve heard that’s the quarterback [the Eagles] have targeted and wanted the whole time. So [Carson] Wentz goes one, Philly may be in play at two.”

It’s not like the Cleveland Browns don’t need a quarterback as well, but they did just sign Robert Griffin III to be their starter.

nfl draft 2016 rumors top 5 picks philadelphia eagles jared goff robert griffin III browns
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The signing of RG3 does not mean that he’s going to be their end-all, be-all starting quarterback for years. It’s not known how healed up he truly is and if he’ll be able to flourish in Cleveland like he never really could in Washington.

With the number eight pick from the Eagles, the Browns could still very well have a shot at Paxton Lynch from Memphis or one of a few other quarterback options. They could compete with Griffin or learn from him for a year or two.

That trade would then allow the Eagles to take Goff or Wentz.

On Thursday, the huge trade between the Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans totally shook up the look of the 2016 NFL Draft. Now, the Cleveland Browns may do the same as the Philadelphia Eagles really want Jared Goff or another quarterback to lead them into the future. Big things have already happened and even more are coming soon.

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