‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna Tears Into Carlos, Sam Is Left Shaken By A Dream, And Michael Is Determined To Find Sabrina

Relationships are facing big challenges these days in Port Charles, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that this trend continues in Wednesday’s show. Sam and Jason have reconnected, but teasers hint that there may be trouble on the way. Anna is still behind bars, and Carlos has decided not to take the deal offered to him. What can viewers expect regarding these storylines during the April 20 show?

As everybody saw during Tuesday’s episode, Mayor Lomax tore into Jordan, and Paul was released from jail. However, Anna remains in a cell, and now Carlos is in the cell right across from her. General Hospital spoiler previews share that Anna will lash out at Carlos, making it clear that she detests him. How heated will things get as these two sit in cells near one another and wait to see what comes next?


General Hospital spoilers tease that a steamy kiss between Sam and Jason is on the way with Wednesday’s show. However. We Love Soaps indicates that Sam will also be left rattled by a bad dream that will haunt her a bit. It may be that this kiss is part of Sam’s dream and that things shift in an unsettling way that leaves her fairly shaken. There are hints that this dream will relate to trouble on the way for Jason, and it sounds as if this newly-reconnected duo may have new obstacles to face quite soon.

Michael has been quite anxious to track down Sabrina, and he takes steps to make that happen during this next episode. General Hospital spoilers detail that Michael will orchestrate a plan with Felix, and the duo will be anxious to hit the road and try to find Sabrina and her baby at last. Celeb Dirty Laundry notes that Dante may have some warnings for Michael before he departs, but Dante’s concerns may fall on deaf ears. It is not known yet where things will head next regarding Michael and Sabrina, but fans suspect that actress Teresa Castillo will be back from her real-life maternity leave soon and the estranged couple may try to repair their relationship.


Previews tease that Lulu and Laura will be having an interesting chat that tackles the topic of sex, but that isn’t all that is on the way regarding Laura during this next show. She has been digging around for some time now to try to determine the meaning behind the mystery of Helena’s gift. General Hospital spoilers indicate that answers will be revealed during Wednesday’s episode, and viewers will be curious to see where this heads.

As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers note that Anna will be getting some help from Scott. In addition, teasers indicate that Sonny once again tries to warn Alexis about how dangerous Julian is. However, Alexis has already told Julian that she is committed to a future with him and she is seemingly willing to throw herself back into some muddy waters to ensure that Julian stays out of jail. Franco will try to smooth things over with Nina after their big fight, but it sounds as if his plan makes things worse rather than better.

What lies ahead for Jason and Sam? Will Michael be able to reunite with Sabrina and the baby? Can Anna get out from under this mess regarding Carlos, finding a way to stay out of jail yet ensure that Carlos pays for killing Duke? Fans are anxious to see what comes next as the chaos continues in Port Charles on General Hospital.


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