‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna And Paul Face Big Questions, Maxie Considers Nathan’s Proposal, And Nina Struggles With Franco

There is a wild week of episodes ahead, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Carlos, Paul, Julian, and Anna are all scrambling while Michael is determined to track down Sabrina and the baby. Nathan has proposed to Maxie while Nina is struggling in her relationship with Franco. What can fans expect from the episodes airing during the week of April 18?

According to We Love Soaps, both Anna and Paul will be facing some intense questions and possible consequences soon. They both have been scrambling to keep secrets, but they have turned on one another, and now many of their secrets are being exposed. Soon, Paul will be making a confession that leaves her stunned, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Scotty will be stepping in to represent her as she faces the music regarding all that has transpired.


Julian and Sonny will be butting heads once again during the week ahead, and General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicate that Julian will be turning to Alexis for some help in the days ahead. However, he apparently is a bit shady in trying to get what he wants from her, and viewers will see Sonny feeling concerned for Alexis. Viewers will be quite curious to see where things stand with all of these folks as the dust settles from Carlos’ return.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Maxie will be trying to decide how to respond to Nathan’s proposal. General Hospital spoilers detail that she will be wary of his timing, given the Claudette issue hanging over their relationship. Nathan will admit that this proposal is in part because of Claudette, but he explains that he doesn’t want to waste a minute and is sincere in wanting to be married. Will she say yes?

Mayor Lomax is back in the mix of things this week, and General Hospital spoilers share that she will be tearing into Jordan for what a mess things have become in Port Charles. Anna will be leaning on Mac, Felicia, and Andre for support as she faces what comes next, and viewers will see Michael and Felix trying to figure out where Sabrina and the baby are.

Nina is said to be struggling a great deal this week and General Hospital spoilers detail that her relationship with Franco will be in a delicate state. At some point in the coming week, she will end up drunk and she will be chatting with Dillon about all of her worries. Dillon may be more than happy to lend an ear as Nina struggles, but it sounds as if her woes will be continuing for a bit yet.

Sam is said to have a nightmare that leaves her quite shaken and General Hospital spoilers tease that this dream may foreshadow trouble ahead related to Jason. Kristina will be opening up to her big sister about her relationship with Parker and her struggles regarding her sexuality, but it seems that for now Kristina will continue to hold back from talking to Sonny about her struggles.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Laura gets some significant help on her quest to figure out the ultimate meaning to Helena’s mysterious gift, and most would imagine that this help comes from Kevin. There have been hints that whatever she learns may set the stage for additional adventures and possibly a bit of romance, and fans will be curious to see how this all comes together.

There is more with Ned on the horizon as he questions his mother about her ability to change and he catches up with Olivia regarding her decision to allow Julian to have a role in Leo’s life. Could there be a renewed romance for Ned and Olivia on the horizon now that he is back in town? Toward the end of the week, Franco is said to try to smooth things over with Nina, but his plan may not go very smoothly.

Will Maxie say yes to Nathan? Can Anna manage to stay out of jail after all that has happened with Paul and Carlos? There is plenty of drama on the way during the week of April 18, and fans will not want to miss what happens next on General Hospital.

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