‘Suicide Squad’ Actor Jared Leto Met With Psychopaths To Prepare For His Role As The Joker

Suicide Squad actor Jared Leto revealed that his method of fully immersing himself inside the crazed mind of the Joker was by meeting with psychopaths and their psychologists. According to The Independent, Leto is determined to rival the previous Jokers played by Jack Nicholson and Health Ledger. This determination led to spending time with criminals that have done “horrendous crimes,” as well as playing sick jokes on the Suicide Squad cast. Some of the bizarre pranks include a pig carcass, a live rat, pornographic material, anal beads, and used condoms were sent as “gifts.”

The Suicide Squad on-set pranks pulled by Leto were reported on by The Inquisitr. Jared was quick to point out the Joker was not one to “respect things like personal space or boundaries.”

“To the Joker, violence is a symphony. This is someone who gets an extreme reward from the act of violence and manipulation,” said Leto regarding his Suicide Squad character.


Everyone is asking whether Leto’s performance in Suicide Squad could come anywhere close to the previous actors’ (Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger’s) portrayals of the Joker.

Leto certainly has a tough act to follow in Suicide Squad when it comes to embodying the character of the Joker. First, there was Nicholson in 1989’s Batman. Nicholson had won numerous Academy Awards and was well known for playing demented characters. Few expected the then 27-year-old Ledger to play a more convincing Joker, but his dark portrayal of the psychopathic clown in The Dark Knight blew fans away.

Ledger prepared for the role as Joker by shutting himself up in a hotel room for weeks on end while scribbling ominous thoughts inside a diary. Heath admitted his role as the Joker kept him up at night, and filled him with anxiety, unable to sleep. Marie Claire reported Nicholson had warned Heath about taking on such a dark role as the Joker.


There is still speculation that Ledger’s role as the Joker led to his accidental overdose and death. In spite of what happened to Heath, Jared seems undeterred and determined as ever to make his role as the Joker in Suicide Squad an unforgettable one.

“I did meet with people that were experts, doctors, psychiatrists that dealt with psychopaths and people who had committed horrendous crimes, and then I spent some time with those people themselves, people who have been institutionalized for great periods of time,” Jared said.

Leto seems to be enjoying researching and delving into the dark mind of the Joker for Suicide Squad.

“The discovering, the uncovering and the building of a character…it’s really fun,” Leto said, who reportedly remained in character the entire time on the set of Suicide Squad.

“It’s a very intoxicating role,” Jared added. “I think the Joker lives in between reality and another plane. You have permission to break rules and to challenge yourself and anyone around you in a really unique way.”

Suicide Squad may have a whole new portrayal of the Joker. The look is certainly different. Leto is rocking the signature green hair but now has silver teeth and tattoos. Some pointed out he looks more like a frontman for a rock and roll band than a murderous clown. Leto would know how to look the part of a rock and roll star considering he’s had plenty of practice with his band 30 Seconds to Mars.


The Suicide Squad trailer featuring the worst heroes ever looks like pure chaotic and demented fun. Suicide Squad premiers in theaters on August 5, and we’ll be able to see for the first time if Jared Leto’s weird methods of getting into character help him rival his Joker predecessors.

Check out the official Suicide Squad trailer with Jared Leto as the Joker right here.

[Image via Warner Bros.]