April 18, 2016
Donald Trump 'Directed That Any Black Female Contestants Be Excluded' From Mar-a-Lago Party For American Dream Calendar Girls

Donald Trump was once associated with George Houraney and Jill Harth, a couple who ran the American Dream Calendar Girls operation, reports the Boston Globe. In that scathing profile of Trump in his heyday -- with the Donald being between marriages and one of the most eligible bachelors around -- the Globe reports that Trump called all women "bimbos," with Trump dubbing most females "gold diggers."

Trump even went after Jill, reports the publication, because the Donald found her attractive, even though George and Jill had been in a 12-year relationship. However, it was Trump's treatment of black women that's making headlines -- with Jill and George accusing Trump of intentionally keeping all black women who were American Dream Calendar contestants out of his Mar-a-Lago parties.
"Harth alleges in her complaint that Trump 'directed that any black female contestants be excluded' from his Mar-a-Lago party."

"Houraney said in an interview that he would send packets of 4x6 photos to Trump so that he could flip through them and decide which of the women would be invited to a party. He also used photos to select a handful of contestants who would automatically advance to the final round of the calendar competition."

"Over time, Houraney discovered what Trump's type in women was: 'Blond hair. All American look. Not too tall, not too short,' he said. He also noticed another pattern: In every packet Houraney would send, he included black women. He was sensitive over charges that the contest was not diverse enough. Never, Houraney says, did Trump pick one."

In his response, Trump claimed to have never excluded blacks and denied ever seeing any photos. However, according to Houraney, Trump had a specific look for the women that he wanted to see succeed in his pageants and calendar competitions -- and those specific wishes didn't necessarily include exotic women or black females. It is a somewhat ironic condition, considering that Donald's current wife, Melania Trump, doesn't necessarily fall into the "all American look" that Trump favored at the time.

Photos of how the calendar girls appeared prior to Trump's involvement and afterward also appear on the Boston Globe, with the latter photos showing a distinct lack of diversity in the models.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Trump being accused of banning black models from his famous parties for the calendar competitions is bringing heated responses online. It was in the early 1990s when the Donald was accused of cutting out black women from his calendars and parties.

Not only did the couple accuse Trump of keeping black women away, Jill's civil lawsuit also charged Trump with making unwanted sexual advances toward her at the time. Jill said that Trump tried to grab her private parts at The Oak Room at The Plaza -- with the Donald being very concerned about which of his calendar girls had great bodies and which ones did not.

Trump's view of women -- not just black women, but all women, as reported by the Boston Globe -- angered model Rhonda Noggle so much during the night when she rode with Trump and a gaggle of other women as Trump called women bimbos and gold diggers that she demanded the limo stop and let her out.

"I told him I would rather be with a trash man who respected me than someone who was a rich, pompous a**. And I got out. And I took a cab ride home."
As seen in the above photo, Pastor Darrell Scott was seen with Trump on Monday, April 18, prior to the Republican presidential candidate's speech in New York's Trump Tower building.


[Photo by AP Photo/Richard Drew]