‘The Good Wife’ Spoilers Run Wild: Is A Spin-off Coming And Is Josh Charles Coming Back?

The Good Wife is coming to an end and now rumors are flying about how it will all end. Fans of The Good Wife would love to see Josh Charles return and are also very hopeful for a spin-off because they do not want the show to be over. E! Online shared the details of all of the rumors about The Good Wife with just three more episodes left untill the series finale.


Josh Charles’ character Will Gardner was killed off in Season 5 of The Good Wife. The idea that he would come back at all is kind of surprising, but rumors are he will make one final appearance on the series finale. They did let viewers hear Charles’ voice one time in Season 6, but he hasn’t been back on the show since his death. Robert and Michelle King, The Good Wife’s co-creators, spoke out about the rumors. At this time, they are not confirming or denying anything. Here is what Robert had to say at The Good Wife‘s Tribeca Film Festival panel.

“I’ve heard those rumors! I think we have an answer tonight about how many rumors you’ve been hearing. We’re going to answer some with yes and some with no, but it’ll be a little bit of a game.”

Michelle simply said, “Stay tuned.” They are not denying that Josh Charles could return to the show, but they aren’t admitting he will be back on The Good Wife either. They have already finished filming The Good Wife, so if it did happen it was already filmed, but nobody is opening their mouth about the truth just yet. When it comes to the possibility of a spin-off, here is what Robert shared.

“CBS seems to be very motivated—they like these characters, but they also like the world and all these subsidiary characters, so there may be a chance.”

At this time, there is no confirmation about The Good Wife getting a spin-off, but it sounds like you shouldn’t give up hope just yet. They are still in the very early stages of talking about it and if it does happen it won’t be right away because nothing has been started at this time. Everyone would love to hear what they are thinking about and what The Good Wife spin-off would actually be.


The Daily Beast shared that Julianna Margulies has revealed that The Good Wife finale is “nothing but brilliant.” She shared that they are right back where the show started. Robert King did say that even though fans love The Good Wife, it is the kind of show that you do have to end. He stated, “It didn’t feel like a show that you could keep having crazy things happen to you. At a certain point you escape the realm of probability.”

Viewers of The Good Wife are very lucky that the writers knew this show was ending. This means that everyone is going to get an ending and that this series will end in a way that gives fans some closure. Sometimes, shows just come to an end and viewers don’t get the closure that they are looking for, but that will not happen with The Good Wife. Only three more episodes, and viewers will get to see how it all ends.

Do you think that The Good Wife having a spin-off is a great idea? Are you hoping that Josh Charles returns to the show? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss the last three episodes of The Good Wife on CBS on Sunday nights.

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