'All We Had' Director Katie Holmes Shares The Glory

There has been some buzz around All We Had, the film adaptation of Annie Weatherwax's novel, particularly for the fact that it has been Katie Holmes' directorial debut. Some thought that Holmes was taking on too much her first time out by acting as well as directing, but the former Ray Donovan actress was determined to make it work, not only for herself, but also for the future of female directors throughout Hollywood.

Now, as All We Had premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival, Holmes admits that the experience was a struggle and is more than generous in her praise of those who helped her complete this journey.

All We Had Was A Struggle For Katie Holmes


Katie is candid as she talks about serving double duty on All We Had, admitting that it was a challenging experience to both act and direct at the same time, but she adds that having Jane Rosenthal producing was a big help.

Holmes' hard work didn't go unnoticed by anyone, and even the rest of the cast has remarked on Katie's efforts in creating a masterpiece her first time out. Mark Consuelos, who plays Holmes' onscreen love interest in All We Had remarked that Katie was like Wonder Woman with her ability to switch from director to actress and back again at a moment's notice.

"She would literally run from the scene, run around and look at it and make [sure] it was good. But, every time, she'd ask, 'you good with that?' I was really, really impressed. To be in control or have all the answers everyone wants and also star in the film is an amazing feat," says Consuelos. "It's a daunting feat, and I think she did a wonderful job."

Ms. Holmes says she was drawn to All We Had for her directorial debut, because of the mother-daughter dynamic, which is something Katie can understand. She thought of her daughter Suri Cruise and, while they have never faced the situation with which the All We Had characters have to deal, Holmes says she was able to identify with the overall relationship between mother and daughter.

Katie Holmes Says All We Had "Was A Group Effort"


All We Had debuted to audiences at the Tribeca Film Festival and, following the screening, Katie Holmes took the stage with a cast that included Judy Greer, Mark Consuelos, Eve Lindley, and Stefania LaVie Owen. It was fitting that Holmes, as director and as actress, should take the stage with her cast, because she was soon to reveal that the All We Had cast and crew worked together in a team capacity. In her words, as well as in her tone, it seemed obvious that Ms. Holmes was proud of each of them.

"We all directed this movie," Holmes told the audience. "These people up here are my friends, and they're as kind as they are talented. It was a group effort."

Katie says that she hopes the story of All We Had will serve her in two ways. One, Holmes feels a connection to the characters, so, as an actress, she felt compelled to take on the film for that artistic ambition. Secondly, Holmes says she hopes that in choosing All We Had for her first experience in filmmaking, she has chosen a film that will catch on and earn her a good reputation as an aspiring director.

"I'm excited, there's a lot of great stuff happening," says Ms. Holmes. "Even at this festival — it's great that one-third of the Tribeca films are directed by women. I'm looking forward to seeing some."

For directing tips, Holmes suggests being open to accepting thoughts and ideas from anyone, even the neighborhood deli worker, because you never know what will work. Katie says the key is to stay creative and to have fun.

And for those wary of working with female directors?

"Then don't! (Laughs.) But you need to concentrate on the work of the person rather than the gender," Holmes wisely points out. "If you're nervous about it, then figure out what you're nervous about exactly and fix that."

[Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for 2016 Tribeca Film Festival]