Man Places iPhone 6S In Expanding Sponge Ball In Viral Video, Leaves Viewers Asking ‘Why?’

Would you ever place an iPhone 6S inside of an expanding sponge ball?

Chances are that your immediate response to that question was either a resounding “no” or a somewhat puzzled “what?!”

A popular YouTuber known as “TechRax” apparently did just that in one of his most recent videos. Ironically, the video is titled “Don’t Drop Your iPhone 6S Into an Expanding Sponge Ball” – perhaps a title that he developed after his experiment concluded with a fully-functional Apple smartphone turning into a useless piece of scrap.

The video description of this now-viral video experiment provided a brief explanation of what was done with the iPhone 6S, including the fact that it was not necessarily placed inside of a “sponge ball” at all.

“I placed a fully working iPhone 6S inside a liquid solution that turns into foam in a matter of minutes and I wanted to see if the device can survive the force and pressure inside the ball!”

Before he started the expanding sponge ball experiment, he made sure that his Apple iPhone 6s had plenty of camera time – proving that it was a fully functional device in great condition. He then showed the thin-layered glass bowl that would quickly become the mixing bowl for his experiment.

Even though he did not identify the ingredients of the two solutions that he was using, he explained each step that would take place after he poured the solutions into the bowl.

“In a nutshell, I have a glass bowl… I’m going to be pouring two different solutions in this bowl and then I’m going to mix it up… and what should happen is it’s gonna create… the liquid will turn into an expanding sponge or an expanding foam, so…we’re going to be able to see whether [this phone] survives or not in a solid state… Basically, I’m going to put this phone…inside of a liquid. Then, that liquid will float up, expand and turn into a solid… We’re going to see if this phone can survive.”

He then poured 500 ml. of each solution into the glass bowl separately. After each solution was poured into the bowl, he mixed the solutions to the point where it apparently looked like “tasty” caramel. Over time, the solution gradually thickened as he continued to mix it. Once the mixture looked like a solid gold liquid, he placed the Apple iPhone 6S directly into the bowl (at the 3:16 mark of the video).

Once the phone was placed inside of the bowl, he mixed it a little more before letting it sit by itself to wait for something to happen. At the 3:35 mark of the video, the liquid is seen expanding and essentially foaming as it overflows inside of the bowl. While watching the “mushroom,” the YouTuber claimed that he could feel the heat radiating from it. After it turned into a solid, he used his hand to break the solid mass apart – revealing its sponge-like core.

He then used a sledgehammer to break apart the solid mass and, nearly one hour later, was able to dig his iPhone 6s out of the expanding sponge ball. Quite a few people that have seen the viral video of the Apple iPhone 6s being placed inside of the expanding sponge ball have shared their puzzled and confused reactions on Twitter.

but like on what planet would that be a regular situation for an iphone

— ✨semi hayatus✨ (@bunmyeon) April 17, 2016

The now-viral video of a man placing a fully-functional Apple iPhone 6S inside of an expanding sponge ball was first posted on YouTube on Friday. After nearly two days of being online, the video had already generated over 2.4 million views on YouTube.

[Image Credit: Cole Bennetts/Getty Images]