‘Big Brother Canada’ 4 Spoilers: Nominations in Question, as House Guest Leaves the Game to Be With Family

Live feeds from inside the Big Brother Canada 4 house on Saturday were down for a majority of the day, likely because one house guest was given unexpected news that would lead him to leave the game. According to Big Brother Network, about 10 hours passed without feeds as cast members attempted to figure out how the house guest’s departure would be handled.

Carter Matt reports it is now official that cast mate Ramsey Aburaneh has chosen to leave this season of Big Brother Canada to be with his family. Live feeds indicate he did so at around 7 a.m. Sunday morning.

According to Joker’s Updates live feed spoilers, at about 3 p.m. Saturday Ramsey was given bad news from home. He apparently told Phil that he was shocked and had a number of things running through his mind after getting the information. Phil then offered Ramsey his support, which Ramsey noted that he appreciated greatly.

After rumors and speculation abounded about what Ramsey’s dilemma may be, Big Brother Canada took to the show’s official Facebook page and posted a comment to clear up the situation. It said,

“Yesterday Ramsey received news that his father is ill and requires surgery. In light of this situation Ramsey has decided to leave the Big Brother Canada house and be with his family during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ramsey and his family and we wish Mr. Aburaneh a quick recovery.”

It was clear from watching live feeds and episodes of Big Brother Canada 4 that Ramsey is close to his family and his decision was definitely the right one.

Nonetheless, this will no doubt have an impact on the game, as Ramsey was nominated for eviction alongside Maddy, his closest ally in the house. In addition, Joker’s Updates spoilers reveal that Ramsey won the Power of Veto (POV) competition this week, so he would have most certainly saved himself from eviction.

According to Carter Matt, “The rules are a bit murky here when it comes to what happens for the remainder of Nick and Phil’s reign as Head of Household…” Carter Matt posits that the show should opt to do a double eviction style show on Thursday, the night Big Brother Canada typically sends a house guest packing. This would serve to eliminate another cast member “…since losing Ramsey does change the structure of the game.”


After saving himself, Ramsey would surely have voted to keep his showmance partner, Maddy, in the game, no matter who was chosen by Nick and Phil as a replacement nominee. But how the other house guests would have voted remains pure speculation, as it is unclear who would have been on the chopping block in Ramsey’s stead. To sum it up, it is currently unknown how the game will proceed from here.


Maddy was very upset that Ramsey, the person she felt the closest to in the Big Brother Canada 4 house, left for good. But, of course she was sympathetic to his predicament, and on live feeds appeared a bit lost as to what to do next.


According to Big Brother Daily, on Sunday, Maddy, Tim, and Cassandra were chatting in the hot tub on live feeds and Tim revealed he had told Nick and Phil he was available to be nominated as a pawn. Maddy believed that the Pax Brothers would probably take Tim up on his offer and stated that a unanimous vote for her would be hard to take.

Maddy seems thoroughly convinced that if she is sitting next to Tim during the next eviction, she will not survive the vote. According to Carter Matt, this may be a very likely scenario, as Ramsey is gone and Joel, Cassandra, and Nikki are all Team Tim, making him a strong contender to avoid being sent to jury just yet.

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