‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Had Some Interesting Thoughts On Bray Wyatt Family Burial

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently took on the topic of Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family — particularly how poorly the WWE has handled them — in his uncensored podcast.

Most of his criticisms were reserved for how the WWE handled Erick Rowan, but he did have some thoughts on where Bray Wyatt currently is, and where he needs to go.

To start off, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, a master of mic skills himself, had nothing but praise for Bray’s ability to “talk people into the building,” but feared that WWE may have given him too much mic time to ever let him be a top heel in the company.

Calling Bray a “silver-tongued devil,” Austin admitted that “if you give a guy enough rope, he can hang himself,” and that is where Wyatt currently finds himself as he’s being booked as a heel but people want to cheer him, and all the heat that he had two years ago is gone following a series of high-profile programs in which he and his “Wyatt Family” came out on the losing end.

“In 2016, the crowd is looking for the next guy who can talk people into the building, and that voice that he has, his charisma, to me just says baby-face.”

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin also believes that Bray has some of the “everyman” that he had during his record-breaking run throughout the 1990s.

“I think he can be that everyman-type baby-face,” Austin continued. “He’s not the best-looking guy in the world. He’s not ugly. He just has a normal body. Heavyset. I mean, he’s like an everyman. But with that voice, I see so many Dusty [Rhodes] characteristics or qualities. He’s not going to be Dusty. No one ever will. But I see big money in the kid.”

Court Bauer, guest for the Thursday episode of the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin podcast, agreed and was even the first to suggest that Bray Wyatt had potential to be in the Dusty Rhodes mold.

Later in the podcast, Austin set his sights on Erick Rowan and the six-second squash match that he lost to The Rock at WrestleMania 32. For the WWE Hall of Famer, it was a “travesty” in booking.

Austin told the story about how he had the chance to speak with Rowan after the event. He prefaced his remarks to the Wyatt Family member by jokingly saying, “G*d**n, kid. What happened?”

After that, he felt like a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin pep talk was in order, telling Rowan that he felt for him and that he was in a real “no-win situation” with the setup.

“If you had been in a different set of shoes or had some leverage, that might not have happened,” Austin continued, describing his pep talk to Rowan. “But it did, so don’t let it bother you. Just go on down the road and the next time you get some air time on TV, go out there and kick some a**.”

Austin admitted that he knew where Rowan was and that he knew Rowan had to go through with the squash match, but believed he was a talented enough guy to get past it.

Austin continued, “I just felt like I had to give the kid that pep talk because after all the stuff that those guys have been through, whether it’s good booking or bad booking, those guys have been on the road, to get beat in six seconds, it doesn’t do him any justice whatsoever.”

He concluded by saying that the match did no one any favors and “didn’t need to happen” at all.

Much of the chatter in the days after WrestleMania 32 seized on how the six-second match was a blow not only to Rowan, but the Wyatt Family in general, giving them nowhere else to go as a heel tag team.

Also, it appears the WWE may be in the process of taking the advice of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and turning Bray Wyatt face. Do you think that’s what should happen next with his character? Sound off in the comments section below.

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