How Much Are You Worth, Justin Bieber And Taylor Swift? The Net Worth Of Musicians

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are the closest rivals when it comes to net worth, annual pay, Fan Satisfaction Index, and even winning other people (aka the Selena Gomez factor). How all these come into play is hard for a Swift or a Bieber to plan for. Sometimes, things just happen.

Starting with net worth and annual pay, the Taylor Swift piece of the lucrative pie has been pegged initially at $280 million, according to Hollywood Take. Here’s quoting the source.

“Initial reports said she would make $365 million this year alone. But that is likely an overestimate. While she is set to make $280 million in gross ticket sales, much of that money will go towards paying for the tour. Still, ‘Forbes’ estimates that she will earn an impressive $100 million this year. And that should boost her estimated $280 million net worth.”

Now here’s Justin Bieber‘s net worth, according to Time. Straight from tap.

“The net worth of Justin Bieber is currently $200 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, but this is likely to increase monumentally as his earning power is estimated at $60 to $80 million per year.”

From the looks of it, Girl Power wins handily by as much as $80 million. Truly, when it comes to the music industry, there is no such thing as gender pay inequality. It looks like the phenomenon that women are paid less than men only happens in Hollywood.


And while under the myth-busting mode here, it appears that there are a few more myths to bust. Contrary to popular opinion, it was actually Katy Perry and not Taylor Swift who made the most money last year. Hollywood Take elaborates.

“The ‘Roar’ singer made $135 million from June 2014 to June 2015, thanks mostly to her Prismatic World Tour. She also has endorsement deals with Coty, Claire’s and CoverGirl, helping her rack up an estimated net worth of $260 million.”

By now, it should be loud and clear that it does help to roar. And here’s another myth to bust.

“Beyoncé came in at No. 5 on Forbes list of the highest-paid women in music in 2015. Jay Z’s wife made $54.5 million from June 2014 to June 2015. That money came mostly from her On The Run Tour, which grossed $100 million in just 19 shows. Add in earnings from her personal fragrance, and her endorsement deals with Pepsi and L’Oreal, and she has an estimated net worth of $450 million.”

Now compare and contrast Taylor Swift’s cool $280 million to Beyoncé’s $450 million. Way cooler?

It’s nice to do the math, but what about the non-quantifiable aspects of a music artist’s value? For convenience, consider that the Fan Satisfaction Index for now. Again, Bieber and Swift compete based on the recently concluded iHeatRadio Music Awards. But where points and not awards are concerned, another Justin competes with The Swift.

“Swift topped Repucom’s list with a DBI of 88.5. Justin Timberlake was right behind her with 86.4, while Lady Gaga (85.1), Katy Perry (85.1) and Beyoncé (84.6) rounded out the top five.”

“The British company, Repucom, conducted a study on the business of live music. The company surveyed 3,000 people aged 14 – 34 in France, Germany, Japan, the U.K. and the U.S. Artists were then ranked based on the Celebrity Davie Brown Index (DBI), which measures the public’s perception of a particular star. The DBI takes into account eight factors, including trust, awareness, and appeal.”

Now correlate Fan Satisfaction Index with the DBI, and it looks like Swift has created a long-lasting investment on the world’s young generation or the so-called millennials. Simply put, millennials are both male and female Americans between 18- and 34-years-old. From the Taylor Swift perspective, this part of the population is the water that the artist swims in, that is, if she were a fish.

Notice that from the Repucom ranking, Bieber’s name never came up in the Top Five. Surely, being a bad boy doesn’t augur well when it comes to playing up to the millennials who, by the way, also possess from average-to-above-average spending income, i.e., they can afford more MP3 downloads and music CDs. They are also the most responsible generation ever. Reports indicate that they are setting aside more money than other brackets of society. The millennials’ overriding goals? To buy a new condo or to save more money in the bank.

Obviously, this young yet incredibly mature generation is aware of Justin Bieber’s excessive partying which wakes up his neighborhood, fast driving, and plenty of clandestine trips to brothels in South America. Now contrast these behaviors with Taylor Swift’s prim-and-proper attitude and it will be clear why the Bieber public image suffers in comparison.

Make no mistake about it. Justin Bieber is doing a lot of charitable work and even that Hollywood Take has covered. Still, all his good deeds are not translating properly into the public perception. Is the solution perhaps a better spin doctor? Whatever, Justin Bieber better take this matter seriously. After all, sooner or later, it does translate into increased net worth.

[Photo by Jeoffrey Maitem/Getty Images]