'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Katie Makes Accusations, Liam Learns The Truth, And Sasha Faces Emotional Conversations

There is a big week of drama ahead on The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers detail that the week of April 18 brings shockers and confrontations as secrets emerge and relationships are tested. Liam will learn the truth about Steffy and Wyatt while Katie has a confrontation with Bill and Brooke over her drinking. Ridge and Caroline continue to worry about the secret they are keeping, though major shake-ups are on the way on this front.

As Soap Central notes, Ridge and Caroline will have reason to breathe a bit more easily for a brief bit during the coming week it seems, as Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that the threat lingering over them regarding Douglas' paternity is eliminated. As everybody saw on Friday's show, Ridge and Dr. Wolin had an intense confrontation, but the doctor seemingly was struck by a truck as he walked away.

From the sounds of the available Bold and Beautiful spoilers, Wolin may end up being killed in that accident, or at the very least, he will no longer be considered a threat to Ridge and Caroline. However, Katie now knows that something may be up with the baby situation and this will surely rise to the surface soon.

Katie walked in on Bill and Brooke discussing her hidden vodka and Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that things will get heated as the three battle it out over this situation. As the week continues, Katie will be entirely convinced that Bill and Brooke want to be together and it sounds as if things will get quite ugly as Katie spirals out of control.

Liam is back home now, but his memories remain hazy in many respects and he has no idea about Wyatt and Steffy's quickie romance and wedding. However, Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that he will be finding out this stunning news very soon. Liam makes a move to propose again to Steffy, but he quickly discovers that things with this relationship are not quite how he believed them to be.

While viewers will have to tune in to see how this all plays out, spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that the truth emerges during Wednesday's show and Liam will be determined to get Steffy back. He is also said to head back to work at Forrester Creations and it sounds as if he will be quite upset with Wyatt over all that has transpired.

Zende will soon confront Sasha about how she told Nicole they are in love in Bold and Beautiful. Spoilers detail that he will be clarifying how he feels for his new girlfriend in the days ahead. It sounds as if Sasha may be left feeling a bit hurt by his talk, and teasers indicate that she has another challenging talk on the way. Vivienne will also be chatting with Sasha about the Zende situation, a talk that will surely be an emotional one.

Ridge and Caroline may feel somewhat better about their secret staying safe after news of the doctor's accident emerges, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that the relief may not last long. Soon Katie will talk with Ridge about the conversation she had with the doctor. Naturally, this will have Ridge on edge and his reaction may well spark Katie to want to learn more.

When and how will Ridge and Caroline's secret emerge and what does Katie do with the information she has? How does Liam handle the news he gets from Steffy and Wyatt? Fans cannot wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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