Mila Kunis Talks About Raising 'Crazy Daughter Wyatt' Then Gets Crazy At CinemaCon With Castmates

Jessica Dafoe

While at CinemaCon this past week, mother to 1-year-old daughter Wyatt, wife to Ashton Kutcher, and actress, Mila Kunis, spoke about her experience as a mother. The star who is filming the soon-to-be-released film Bad Moms relays why she thinks her daughter Wyatt is "crazy."

— Crazy Wyatt (@KutcherWyatt) March 29, 2016

"She's crazy. Kids are crazy. I don't really understand how they're are all alive."
"Prior to human acknowledgement of 'Hey, let me keep my child safe,' if [Wyatt] was here, she would just walk off the ledge. She has no concept of depth, which to me... I just don't get it."
"[Motherhood] is awesome. I feel like that's all we ever talk about when we get together. We talk about kids. We're all very lucky though. We all have little ones. It's great."

— Christina Applegate (@cappIegate) April 13, 2016

The trio accepted the female stars of the year award and hurled fake insults at one another during their acceptance. Applegate, 44, began the acceptance speech humorously and in a mocking manner, as People shares.

"We are so honored to get the fresh faces of tomorrow award."
"We're not fresh faces. No, it's been 20 years since you were a fresh face."
"I feel pretty fresh right now, Mila. Anyway, f--- you."

Kunis made sure to take back the stage stating, "Bring the kids." To which Bell finally gave in, retorting, "Bring your kids. I don't f---ing care." While Applegate simply went the route of dismissing the kids entirely, "F--- your kids."

The women finally let it go and called a truce while they all agreed on one detail- that they all missed cast member Jada Pinkett Smith, who is apparently a better mother than the rest. Bell noted this to the crowd.

"We're missing Jada. She couldn't be here because she's being a badass mom and she's with her kids tonight."

But Kunis could not let harmony take over and bluntly added, "We're not." After which the three "Bad Moms" each raised a middle finger and made their way off the stage.

Now that's an acceptance speech that will go down in history. Perhaps the film Bad Moms will as well which revolves mainly around Kunis' character of Amy Mitchell, who puts her family first at the start. Unfortunately, her needy husband, difficult children, and pestering boss begin to take a toll.

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