‘Dance Moms’ Season 6 Spoilers: Brynn Rumfallo Copies JoJo Siwa’s Style, Jessalyn Says She Has ‘No Character’

Dance Moms Season 6 returns with an all-new episode this Tuesday, April 19, with “Mack Z vs Abby Lee.” The latest spoilers and official synopsis revealed that episode 16 will show a determined Mackenzie Ziegler fight the ALDC coach to get what she wants. Ashlee Allen will also once again get on one of the mom’s nerves as she tries to “copy” JoJo Siwa’s signature style.

According to the official synopsis for Dance Moms Season 6, Mackenzie got upset when Abby gave both Brynn Rumfallo and JoJo Siwa fun hiphop solos, while she gets stuck with a safe acrobatic routine.

“Mackenzie’s amazing at hiphop,” Mackenzie’s mom Melissa Gisoni pointed out.

“So then you’re not going to do a solo?” Abby asked Mackenzie.

The Dance Moms Season 6 promo clip then showed Melissa tried to defend Mackenzie to Abby. The ALDC coach, however, ended up slamming the door on Mackenzie’s mom.

“That woman is crazy,” she said.

According to a Dance Moms Season 6 spoiler site, Abby Lee Miller eventually decided to give Mackenzie Ziegler a solo for the Xpression Dance Competition in Sacramento, California, held last February 13. Mackenzie’s routine, “Bully,” ended up winning 1st place in Junior Division.

The outlet also reported that Melissa Gisoni met up with some of the Dance Moms Season 6 producers to discuss about their contract with Lifetime. Earlier this month, Maddie confirmed that she will be leaving the reality series to focus on her movie career and being a judge on So You Think You Can Dance. The source claimed that apart from the Zieglers ending their contract, a new spin-off series starring Maddie, Mackenzie, and Abby may just be on its way.

Meanwhile, if the whole Abby Lee Miller vs Mackenzie Ziegler feud is not enough drama for an episode, Jessalyn Siwa was also seen confronting Ashlee Allen for dressing her daughter like JoJo.

“She’s not the next Maddie. She’s the next JoJo. Your kid has no character.”

Fans of Dance Moms Season 6 claim that Jessalyn, along with other moms, has been acting rude towards Brynn. They held that most of them were “threatened” by Brynn, which is why they always tried to bring her down.

“These moms need to stop attacking Brynn, and Ashlee needs to stop trying to make Brynn the ‘new Maddie’ or the ‘new JoJo’ let Brynn be Brynn she’s better that way,” a netizen wrote.

Rather than always picking on Brynn and Ashlee, they pointed out that they should focus on training their children to improve on their routines.

In one of the recent episodes of Dance Moms Season 6, Ashlee Allen and Brynn Rumfallo walked out of the studio after Jill Vertes said that Brynn only got on the team because the competition, which determined her chances, was rigged. She allegedly said that Brynn did not beat Maddie at all and that the entire competition was nothing but a setup. Jill, however, denied the accusations and claim that Ashlee was just making it up to spark more drama.

“You were the only one who said it was rigged. I’m not going to listen to her lie,” Jill said.

“I’m always the bad guy because everybody turns against me and I’m stupid. They don’t want us here that’s fine. I’m done!” Ashlee retaliated, taking a crying Brynn outside the ALDC studio with her.

Ashlee later told the camera that she was upset how the moms were less than welcoming with her and Brynn. What was supposed to be a happy moment for Brynn ended up yet with another unnecessary drama.

“It’s really sad that Brynn is finally getting the recognition she deserves. She gets her jacket and they’re all going to crap all over this for her.”

Dance Mom Season 6 airs Tuesdays on Lifetime.

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