‘Dance Moms’ Season 6 Spoilers: Maddie Ziegler Disses Brynn Rumfallo’s Mom Ashlee, Officially Leaves ALDC [Video]

Dance Moms season 6 returns with an all-new episode this Tuesday, April 12, with “Melissa’s Announcement.” The official synopsis and the latest spoilers suggested that episode 15 will highlight Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler’s departure from Abby Lee Miller Dance Company (ALDC).

While rumors of Ziegler’s departure from Dance Moms and ALDC has been going on for several months now, Miller was still reportedly surprised when Melissa Gisoni announced that she and her two children are leaving. The official synopsis claimed that Abby’s “whole world was shattered,” following Gisoni’s shocking news.

“After this season, Maddie’s not going to be on the team anymore… This has been such a great ride together,” Melissa told the Dance Moms cast, on behalf of her daughters Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler.

The ladies then all gathered for an emotional group hug. While all this is nerve-wracking as it is, Abby Lee Miller also took this time to announce that there will be repercussions following Ziegler’s departure.

“Don’t you guys realize the magnitude of this?” she asked the remaining ALDC members.

In the previous episodes of Dance Moms season 6, Melissa Gisoni revealed that Maddie Ziegler had to turn down a couple of jobs just so that she can train with the rest of the ALDC members.

The Ziegler sisters admitted that they were already looking forward to the day where they will not be surrounded by so much drama, particularly in dealing with the emotional moms. Maddie and Mackenzie shared that they both got upset by how Brynn’s mom, Ashlee Allen, acted when her daughter made the team. Mackenzie added that she was also disappointed when the moms said that the entire competition was rigged in Brynn’s favor.

“I love Brynn but the only thing is when she got her team jacket, her mom started crying and they walked away,” Maddie said.

“Ashlee’s proven that’s she’s not a team player. Her daughter’s finally an official member of the team and she storms off. The moms argue but we can always come together, it’s not the case for Ashlee,” Melissa added.

Maddie and Melissa also opened up about the many opportunities that they had to pass up on because they were prioritizing Dance Moms season 6 and the ALDC.

“Not to be rude but am I gonna choose between a movie and a competition? Obviously I’m going to choose a movie. But my team is always what I’m gonna go back to. They’re my best friends and I love dancing with them.”

Maddie Ziegler added that once she eventually leaves Dance Moms that does not mean that she will not be an ALDC dancer anymore. She explained that she will never forget her teammates and the “craziest studio ever.

In a separate clip, it seems like Melissa Gisoni was the first who got fed up with Abby Lee Millier’s attitude. The reality star was furious when the ALDC coach scrapped Maddie and Kendall’s duet and replaced it with JoJo Siwa’s solo.

Since Maddie cannot attend one day of practice, Abby decided to just give the solo to Jojo explaining that she did not want Maddie and Kendall to go up on stage unprepared. Clearly upset with Abby, Melissa told Maddie upfront that she is done with Dance Moms.

“Honestly, I’d rather be with you on a job than with moms that are all negative all the time. I don’t want to sit on a bench anymore. I’m sick of it. We’ve turned a lot of things down and I just don’t want to do that anymore. We just have to be more available. There is more to the world than dance competitions.”

Do you think Maddie Ziegler and mom Melissa Gisoni made the right decision to leave Dance Moms after season 6? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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