Beyonce’s Back With New Teaser Trailer Of Mystery HBO Project ‘Lemonade’

Beyonce is making waves again with a mysterious new video that she posted to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and

Captioned simply as #LEMONADE both by Beyonce and HBO’s social media, the 20-second video depicts a woman (assumed to be Bey) rising from a heavy lean against a car. This image blacks out to plain white block text, “Lemonade”

The woman, most probably Beyonce, sports a head of blonde cornrows.

Beyonce’s mysterious project is being marketed as a “world premier event” that will be airing on HBO on April 23, exactly a week from today.

A video posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Speculation around #LEMONADE is high. Is it a new album? A new music video? Some sort of HBO special? A visual album maybe? All questions, it seems, will be answered on “4.23 9pm ET”

Whatever the project is, it is certainly a surprise, coming on the eve of Beyonce’s world tour of Formation which is all set to kick off on April 27 (four days after the anticipated revelation of #LEMONADE).

This collaboration with HBO for this new “world premier event” has gotten the Beyonce fandom (which calls itself the BeyHive) very high.

One hour after the singer, nicknamed Queen B, released her #LEMONADE teaser, it started trending worldwide on Twitter.

The BeyHive expressed collective excitement in a flurry of tweets:

Many Beyonce fans were surprised at this new mysterious announcement coming just before the Formation World Tour and expressed their excitement that Beyonce is back and making news again, referring to her absence from the public as “Beyhyrdation”

This end of the “BeyHydration” is also benefitting Beyonce’s partner in this mysterious Lemonade initiative – HBO is also getting a lot of attention from this new teaser trailer, as is seen by many BeyHive tweeters’ newfound interest in HBO itself.

HBO is garnering much attention; there is a claim that more information on #LEMONADE will be released at 8:56 tomorrow.

But it’s not just the entertainment giant HBO that is benefitting from all the attention that #LEMONADE is getting. Thanks to Beyonce, the Lemon emoji is also getting its fair share of attention with almost all tweets from the BeyHive featuring a ????.

Most tweeters, however, were just expressing their anticipation – everyone is waiting to see what Queen B will give them next.

Anticipation is rising with the teaser trailer which reveals close to nothing other than a fur-clad Beyonce with a background track of the singer saying, “What am I going to do love?”

What is she going to do? That’s the question. The BeyHive and everyone else will just have to wait until the selected date to find out what Beyonce and HBO are up to.

[Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images]