Zac Brown: Is His Involvement In A Drug Bust Being Covered Up?

Last Friday, April 8, Zac Brown was present during a drug bust that went down at about 5:00 a.m. at the Four Seasons in Palm Beach. There are indications, according to TMZ, that star-struck police officers removed his name from reports in order to protect him. Four people were arrested, but Brown was let go and police removed his name from reports to make it appear that he was not present at the scene.

According to TMZ‘s source, Zac Brown was in a hotel room where other individuals were arrested for drug possession. The whole thing started when the police got a call about a suspicious vehicle in front of the Four Seasons. The man in the car was arrested for possession of over 30 grams of cocaine. He told police officers that he had come to the hotel with two women who had gone up to one of the hotel rooms. The officers proceeded up to the room where they found nine people partying, and one of them was Zac Brown. They took in one man (not Zac) for marijuana possession and two women for cocaine possession. The source indicates that Brown had a prescription pill bottle with pills in it. He told police that it was a prescription, and they asked him for proof.

Here’s where it begins to look like Zac was protected by police, who made it appear that he wasn’t there. TMZ has called the police department several times since April 8, and they have been told that Brown was not mentioned in the report. They have mentioned to the police department that the report clearly states that there were nine people in the room, and then indicates three men and five women. One person’s identity is missing. The police department wouldn’t comment. TMZ has also reached out to Zac’s publicist, but she had no comment until their last communication in which they outlined their story. She simply said, “Didn’t get [from Zac or the team] anything to add.”

In addition, a report from TMZ early this morning indicates that the police officers who entered the hotel room were big fans of Zac Brown, and even asked him for his autograph. The women who were arrested were strippers, and one of the officers made fun of her for not knowing who Zac was. Additional sources state that the mocking was continued by other officers once they arrived at the station.

Zac Brown reportedly asked that his name be kept out of reports because of his family. TMZ has confirmation that his name was in a document at one point, but it no longer appears in any documentation related to the incident. They received one email from the police department which said,

“Zach [sic] Brown’s name is not on any of the reports and I also looked at all calls for service (non-issued reports) and I could not locate anything. Here are the reports.”

The document including Zac’s name was not included in the reports provided in that email and the ones that were provided did not mention his name.

Zac Brown is 37-years-old and is married to Shelly Brown. They have five children, named Alexander Frost Brown, Lucy Brown, Justice Brown, Joni Brown, and Georgia Brown. Zac is a singer, songwriter, record producer, head of a record label, philanthropist, and the band leader of The Zac Brown Band. Billboard describes his music as a combination of country, Caribbean, reggae, and bluegrass. He produced his first two albums himself through his production company, Southern Ground. Zac sold a total of 30,000 copies of those albums. The first single released by The Zac Brown Band that was distributed nationally was Chicken Fried, which went platinum.

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