Maci Bookout Reveals The Name Of Her Unborn Son, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Chooses Unique Moniker

Maci Bookout is just weeks away from giving birth to her third child. She has an older son, Bentley, with her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Edwards. Last year, Bookout welcomed her daughter Jayde with boyfriend, Taylor McKinney. The expectant mom found out she was pregnant earlier this year after going to the doctor to refill her birth control. Bookout and McKinney were shocked to find out they were expecting, especially since Jayde will be almost a year old when the new baby arrives.

Teen Mom OG fans criticized Maci Bookout heavily after she announced her pregnancy on Instagram just days after she became engaged to Taylor McKinney. There had been some talk about marriage for quite some time, and just before the duo left New York, he popped the question. It was a romantic moment for Bookout and something she has always wanted. According to Us Weekly, Maci Bookout revealed the name of her unborn son during a recent interview. She has decided to name her son Maverick Reed. This is definitely a unique choice, but both Bookout and Taylor McKinney have agreed on it. Reed is a family name for both mom and dad, and Maverick was a name they had chosen before finding out their first child was a little girl.

There are plans in the works for an October wedding for Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney. It is unclear whether or not it will be filmed for Teen Mom OG. Their relationship has played out on the show, and now it will finally come full circle. Bookout came under harsh criticism after it was revealed she was pregnant. She was seen drinking on several occasions during the Teen Mom OG episodes, many of which happened when she was pregnant. Fans blasted her for being irresponsible, though Bookout claims she had no clue she was expecting.

Despite all of the criticism Maci Bookout has received, she remains positive. Social media has been buzzing about her choice to name her son Maverick Reed. While some aren’t liking the choice, it was hers to make. Bookout is used to being the target of hateful words. Being in the public eye isn’t easy, especially when you start out on 16 & Pregnant. Fans have followed her journey, and she is one of the most normal women the franchise has produced. Bookout may not have it all together, but she is finally going to get everything she has wanted since her first son was born.

As of now, Teen Mom OG has already begun filming for the next season. It looks like Maci Bookout will be giving birth while production is still happening. It is unclear if she will allow her journey to be filmed, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. Bookout has been incredibly open with her life, introducing her daughter to the world without a second thought. Her official due date is at the end of May, which puts it about eight weeks away. Because Maverick will be her third child, an early birth would not be uncommon. It will be interesting to see when Bookout delivers her little boy, and when she will decide to share him with the world.

While this pregnancy was a shock for both Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney, both are incredibly excited about expanding their family. They are waiting a few months to adjust to life with another new child, and then they will be walking down the aisle. Bookout has always dreamed of a husband and family, and this is the year she will have it all. Maci Bookout is about to become a mother of three and Mrs. Taylor McKinney before the end of 2016, and fans are excited for her.

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