Princess Bride Sequel? Cary Elwes And Mandy Patinkin Finally Reunite

Fans of 1987 cult classic The Princess Bride received an unexpected and long-awaited treat yesterday: a photo of Cary Elwes and Mandy Patinkin, The Princess Bride's two biggest stars and castmates in the currently-in-production The Queen of Spain, reunited for the first time in nearly three decades and tweeted out a photo of the joyous reunion on the movie's set in Madrid, Spain.

The snap was sent out on Wednesday evening, and the two men were so excited about the news that Elwes even spelled the name of his Princess Bride character's name wrong -- it is supposed to be "Westley -- and the tens of millions who love the movie were just as pumped.
Although both Elwes and Patinkin have both had prolific careers since The Princess Bride -- their most notable credits include Cary as Dr. Lawrence Gordon in 2004's Saw and Mandy as Saul Berenson on the current TV show Homeland -- the two have not shared a screen. Entertainment Weekly points out that Elwes and Patinkin were called together five years ago to participate in an oral history of the making of The Princess Bride, but sources agree it will be delightful to see the duo play off each other in another fictional universe.

No, The Queen of Spain is not literally a sequel to The Princess Bride, but it is extremely close, even besides the fact that Elwes and Patinkin are starring. Entertainment Weekly reports that the film is a dramedy set in 1950s Spain, a setting and genre that sounds very close to what we saw in The Princess Bride. We may be getting a sequel in spirit, if not by name.

To be fair, The Queen of Spain is indeed a sequel, although not to the same movie many Princess Bride fans may have hoped. The Girl of Your Dreams, a 1998 film starring Penelope Cruz, followed the story of an aspiring actress named Macarena Granada living through the Spanish Civil War.

Metro and The Hollywood Reporter tell us that The Queen of Spain will pick up years after the events of The Girl of Your Dreams, once Cruz's character has become a Hollywood movie star. She will meet an American actor, played by Elwes, and the two will fly to Spain to make a movie that is about a 15th century Spanish queen, for which Mandy Patinkin's character will write the screenplay. The rest of the cast from The Girl of Your Dreams will be returning for the sequel, as well.

The question on everyone's mind, though, is will we get to see Elwes's Westley and Patinkin's Inigo Montoya reprise their iconic sword fight from The Princess Bride? Unless director Fernando Trueba is merciful enough to include easter eggs that would undoubtedly draw Princess Bride fans to see the movie, probably not. Hopefully, though, we will get to see some of the incredible onscreen chemistry between Elwes and Patinkin in some form or another.

The film, which will be shot in Spanish language but almost surely has a cast full of enough huge names to warrant an international release, is slated to come out later this year, according to IMDb.

Wading through some subtitles is definitely worth seeing the two Princess Bride stars back in action together. And with Penelope Cruz's phenomenal acting, accompanied by Fernando Trueba's more than capable direction, in combination with the timeless duo, we just might have another classic on our hands.

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images and Jason Kempin/Getty Images]