‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Robby Hayes Lying About Girlfriend? JoJo Fletcher May Face Hometown Date Shocker

Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher is just one week away from filming hometown dates with her final four guys, and fans are anxious to find out if she will get engaged on the season finale or walk away heartbroken. [Spoilers ahead]

There will be 26 guys to keep track of when the season premieres on May 23 on ABC, but viewers will want to keep a close eye on contestant Robby Hayes, one of JoJo’s front-runners who may have some explaining to do.

According to blogger Reality Steve, the 27-year-old sales rep from Jacksonville, Florida, left his girlfriend of four years right before filming started last month. To make things even more interesting, she looks a lot like JoJo Fletcher. And there’s more — she reportedly had no idea Robby was going on the show.

Hope Higgenbotham
[Image via Hope Higgenbotham Instagram]
JoJo Fletcher Bachelorette
[Image via JoJo Fletcher Instagram]
“I’ve been told she had no idea he was on the show until after he’d already left,” Steve writes. “He never told her he had been talking to the show, was thinking of going on, or had agreed to do it.”

The cast and crew just wrapped up filming Episode 6 in Buenos Aires, and blogger Reality Steve states that Robby was one of eight guys who filmed there. In the photo below, he’s the guy wearing flip-flops.

Spoilers indicate that Robby received a rose on his one-on-one date with JoJo in Uruguay just a few days before they started filming in Buenos Aires. If he made it through another rose ceremony on April 12, he is on track to introduce JoJo to his family in Florida — the same area where his girlfriend of four years, Hope Higginbotham, lives.

Hope and Robby Bachelorette
Hope Higgenbotham and Robby Hayes in Italy [Image via Hope Higgenbotham Instagram]
Reality Steve reports that Robby’s storyline should be an interesting one “for the sole reason” he was in a long-term relationship and broke up with her just weeks before he left to film The Bachelorette. Although Robby’s Instagram account is currently blocked (many contestants do this while filming The Bachelor or The Bachelorette), ex-girlfriend Hope Higginbotham’s photos with Robby are visible on her account.

There are dozens of pictures that show the couple together over the past few years, including their recent trip to Italy (photo above). Robby also follows Hope on Twitter and she is still following him as well. Did they forget to delete each other after they split?

Did Hayes break off his four-year relationship with Higginbotham so he could go on The Bachelorette to find fame? Many contestants join the show to build their brand, so it will not come as a surprise if Robby has business and not love on his mind.

“So let’s see how much he lies or downplays his 4-year relationship with Hope to JoJo because there’s zero chance he can really be honest about it since no woman in her right mind would keep him around knowing he’d just done that.”

Fans won’t find out for sure how his story plays out until The Bachelorette airs in May. However, the show’s creator, Mike Fleiss, tweeted earlier this week that he’s “not sure” all of JoJo’s guys are on the show for the right reasons. Is Robby one of them?

Fans won’t have long to wait to find out if Robby Hayes tells JoJo Fletcher that he broke off a four-year relationship shortly before filming started or if he keeps that information to himself.

JoJo’s season of the Bachelorette will wrap up filming in early May, followed by the two-hour season premiere on May 23 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

[Image via JoJo Fletcher/Instagram]

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