Azealia Banks' Promise To Wale — 'You Black Men Will Not Reap Any Of The Benefits' Of Black Women

Azealia Banks, as mentioned by rapper Wale, has many people scared to say anything to her. Azealia seems to thrive off "public embarrassment." So, Banks lit into Wale for his remarks, and their debate was lengthy. And he referred to her as the female "Clayton Bigsby" for her words.

[Disclaimer: This Azealia Banks debate involves racial and ethnic ideas and topics. Reader discretion is advised.]

Azealia Banks has made herself a Twitter trend by lashing out of several notable names in the celebrity world. Most recently, Azealia pushed her scope towards Maybach Music Group's Wale. Azealia Banks' issue with Wale came when he commented on Banks' remark about Kanye West and his "loss of respect." According to Billboard, Azealia mentioned that West lost all respect when he "became a Kardashian."

Many think Wale shouldn't have given Azealia Banks the time of day. However, for whatever reason, he decided to dispute with the female rapper. Azealia called him everything but a human. Seemingly degrading him with every reply, Banks didn't want to reason with Wale. Here's how the conversation took place.

Someone then replied, "Azealia Banks, honey you've got the potential to be Kanye. They hate on you because they realize your potential. They're scared s**tless." That's when Wale stepped in with his comment about celebrities not wanting to take part in "public embarrassment."
Then, Azealia Banks' tweet battle began with immediate condescension. Banks' conversation was as follows.
"As you should be! With that said, I am a VERY generous woman. I share with everyone I come into contact with. Maybe the fear comes from realizing that there is something stronger than the almighty black man.

"When white men showed up on our shores [in Africa] with guns and technology you black men SOLD US OUT for guns and Christianity. The only prosperity Africa ever saw was under female rule. We birthed, [nurtured], and educated you all and you turned around and sold us OUT. And you lot continue to sell us out and throw shadows on us as you all continue to compete with white men.

Black women are never good enough for the black man. And I've spent more than enough time being belittled and disregarded by black until a black man comes along who is willing to hoist me up on the pedestal I belong on, I'll settle for the confusing, contradictory, counter-productive pedestal that white men put me on. At least there I can be a WOMAN, and enjoy being desired..."

Banks even mentioned wanting to take all black men and throw them in jail — if not kill them. Wale replied many times within Azealia Banks' rant — which is still happening right now, actually. Within Azealia's tweet onslaught, in opposition to "the black man," Wale mentioned that there are plenty of black men who value and put their women up on proper pedestals. However, the rapper included that it happens to women who deserve it.
Contrarily, Azealia came back in with Round 2.
"Again, a black man making reason for why his woman Isn't good enough. This hurts me so much. Once you lot [of men] realize that we are the ONLY true friends you have on this planet, the black race will succeed. Until then I'll be looking for the whitest man I can find. In spite of you.

"Black women will lead the revolution. And you black men will not reap any of the benefits. You will pay for this. I promise. I'm honestly in tears right now. F**k you wale. And f**k you forever. If I could put all the n***ers who think like you in jail, I would. Because n***ers like YOU are IN MY MOTHERF**KING WAY...

"For every black female accomplishment, blck male ideology takes four steps backwards."

As a side note, "Clayton Bigsby" is a fictional character from the Dave Chappelle Show. Once, Dave created a skit that featured a black "white supremacist." The issue was that Bigsby was blind.He was adopted by a white family as a child. So, he never knew the color of his skin. Ironically, his wife was white. And when Bigsby finally found out that he was black, he divorced his wife "because she was a n***er lover."
Azealia Banks wasn't trying to hear anything reasonable Wale attempted to throw her way.
Azealia accused him and many other black men of not standing up for or respecting their ethnic heritage. All in all, Azealia Banks has been called an "angry black woman" — in a condescending fashion. However, do you think Banks is too unfiltered? How far is Azealia willing to take "public embarrassment"? Why do you think Wale persisted in the argument when it was obvious Banks wasn't trying to hear his side?
What are your thoughts about Azealia Banks? Do you think Banks is doing it all for attention, as some sort of publicity stunt? Or is Azealia serious about everything she's mentioned about all targeted celebrities? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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