Megan Fox Pregnant With Brian Austin Green’s Baby, Still Getting Divorced?

Megan Fox nearly broke the internet this week when she not so subtly revealed her growing baby bump to the public, and sparked rumors about who the father of her unborn baby could be.

After the news broke that Megan Fox was pregnant with her third child, it seemed that everyone wanted to know whose baby she was carrying. Finally, it was confirmed that Megan’s estranged husband, Brian Austin Green, whom she shares two other children with, is the father of baby number three.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green filed for divorce in August of 2015 after five years of marriage and 11 years together. However, they’re not letting their marriage troubles get in the way of their parenting. The two successfully co-parent their two boys, Noah, 3, and Bohdi, 2, and will likely continue to do so when their third child is born.

Although the couple have been separated for months now, they have continued to spend time together, which is, of course, how Megan ended up pregnant again, but they were not expecting to welcome another child. Sources tell People Magazine that the pregnancy was unexpected, but that both Fox and Green are completely excited to add to their family.

“They both love being parents,” an insider says, adding that Megan and Brian are “continuing to work on their marriage and are living together again.”

However, there has yet to be a full reconciliation between the two, who may be playing with the idea of getting back together. TMZ reports that, for now, the divorce is still on, and if they were to take it off the table there could be some serious consequences for Megan Fox.

“Megan’s the breadwinner, so all the money she’s earned since her separation is hers, including the loot for her latest ‘Ninja Turtles’ flick. 86ing the divorce would change all that,” the site claims.

However, if Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green don’t withdraw their divorce petition there could also be financial consequences for Fox.

“Brian will almost certainly be entitled to more child support for the 2 and soon-to-be 3 kids.”

When it was announced that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were planning to divorce, some fans were shocked by the fact that Brian was asking for spousal support from his wife. Green claimed that he needed the support, because he wasn’t able to work as much as Fox due to suffering from vertigo.

Megan Fox pregnant with Brian Austin Green's baby.
Now, that Megan Fox is pregnant with Brian Austin Green’s child yet again, things could quickly turn around for the pair. They are sure to be more loving toward one another as Megan’s pregnancy progresses, and when the new baby comes, their family will be fuller, and filled with emotions after welcoming the child. The fact that the couple are now living together once again will add to the emotion, and possibly confusion, they may feel about ending their marriage, and many fans are hoping that there is a possibility they could end up back together.

Currently, Megan Fox’s pregnancy isn’t stopping her from working. The actress, who is starring in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie has been busy doing press, and that is how the media found out she was pregnant again. Megan made no attempt to try to hide her growing baby bump as she looked gorgeous rocking a tight, black dress during an appearance at CinemaCon with her TMNT co-star, Will Arnett.

For now, it seems Megan and Brian have decided to put their divorce on hold as they prepare to welcome their new baby.

What are your thoughts on Megan Fox being pregnant with Brian Austin Green’s baby?

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]