Yolanda Foster Says Her Relationship With Lisa Vanderpump Is A "Hollywood Friendship" & Is Done With Lisa Rinna

That's a wrap! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) wrapped up another season and the drama between Yolanda Foster (Hadid) and Lisa Rinna, and Vanderpump was never really settled. It is still unclear who brought up the whole Munchhausen's syndrome talk, and Yolanda claims she doesn't care anymore.

On the after-show, Watch What Happens Live, Yolanda stated that her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump is "a typical Hollywood friendship," and she was done dealing with Lisa Rinna's (ongoing) drama.

All About The Tea reported that Lisa Rinna has tried to separate herself from the Munchhausen's talk and attempted (rather unsuccessfully) to put much of the blame on Lisa Vanderpump. Of course, long-time fans know that tangling with Vanderpump and drawing a line in the sand with her can be a disastrous road as Rinna discovered pretty quickly. Rinna claimed that she "owned" her part in spreading rumors about Foster, so she cannot fathom why Vanderpump continues to deny her role in the Munchhausen's gossip.

"Lisa Vanderpump showed pictures of you on your Instagram, saying, 'Here, what do you think of this? Don't you think this is odd? I'm all about owning it. If I'm gonna own it, why won't she own it?"
It's pretty evident that Yolanda isn't sure who to believe because they both seem to think they were not the responsible party in bringing up the horrific rumor. It seems as if she doesn't care who said it anymore, in her mind, she knows it was said (or implied even), and that was enough to damage her trust between both Rinna and Vanderpump.
Yolanda stated in her Bravo blog that through her battle with Lyme disease, she has learned who her real friends are, and who are just acquaintances. It seems as if she has placed Vanderpump is the acquaintances category, and stated that regarding Rinna, her friendship with her is over. Yolanda wants to separate herself from Lisa Rinna and all the drama that follows with being close to her.
Rinna has a history in her two-season stint on RHOBH of targeting a person (or issue) and being relentless in her pursuit to get them to admit to wrongdoing. Last season Rinna focused on Kim Richards and her questionable sobriety. The rest of the RHOBH cast told Lisa multiple times stop harassing Richards because Kim repeatedly stated she was still sober. Rinna refused to drop her crusade against Richards, and it led to an epic showdown at Season 5 reunion show.

In the end, it led to a gigantic confrontation that resulted in a near physical altercation and completely damaged any possible friendship between the RHOBH cast members. Lisa still claims that she reacted that way due to her (personal) history with drug and alcohol abuse.

At this point in the season (reunion show time), Yolanda is absolutely correct in her assumption of Rinna and Vanderpump's motives. Foster realizes that she shares friends and history with Vanderpump and cannot write her out of her life completely. She sees her relationship for what it is, "a typical Hollywood friendship." As for Lisa Rinna, Yolanda isn't as invested in their relationship and has decided she wants a little contact with her as possible. Yolanda noted that Rinna's behavior is often erratic and often contradicts herself, and for Yolanda that type of behavior is troubling.

RHOBH fans, do you agree with Yolanda Foster's (Hadid) opinion of Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump? Who do you think brought up the talk of Munchhausen's syndrome first? Voice your opinion in the comments section below, and come back later for more spoilers, news, and updates.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret]