‘RHOBH:’ Lisa Rinna Exposed For A History Of Harassing Co-Stars From Lisa Vanderpump to ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Starr Jones

Hide all the glass for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion — Lisa Rinna is coming. There are reports of Rinna not only targeting and bullying Vanderpump this season, but harassing other co-stars in the past. Apparently, the way she treated Vanderpump was not a first-time thing. Starr Jones claims she was targeted, bullied, and continually harassed by Lisa Rinna for months after Celebrity Apprentice ended.

RHOBH has had a wild season, and fans have noticed that Rinna’s behavior has become increasingly erratic, and somewhat strange. Before they went to Dubai, Rinna seemed to be Vanderpump’s biggest cheerleader and appeared to enjoy their friendship. RHOBH fans are left to piece together that when Lisa Had to return to England briefly due to a passport issue, Eileen Davidson was able to convince Rinna that Vanderpump was nothing but a cold, calculating, manipulative jerk? That seems a little far-fetched, doesn’t it?

All About The Tea reported that this wasn’t the first time Lisa’s had trouble getting along with cast members on the set. It isn’t apparent if Lisa just realized that Vanderpump was trying to control her, or if she just needed a storyline or was risking not being asked to return next season. All of a sudden, Rinna did nothing but trash Vanderpump and question her motives. If you will remember, RHOBH viewers, last season Rinna’s target was Kim Richards. Ever chance she had, she brought up Kim’s drinking habit. At one point, she implied that Kim was not only drinking, but doing drugs as well.

During the reunion show last season, Rinna admitted that she sent Richards threatening text messages about her sobriety after “her family left her alone for six hours.” To this day, Lisa claims that Kim was not honoring her own sobriety and that “warranted” her harassment.

Reality Tea stated that Lisa Rinna was blown away by Vanderpump’s blog, and couldn’t believe how far she would go to prove her was right. It’s almost humorous in that they both want to be right so much, that they are ultimately making a joke out of themselves. Vanderpump is not innocent in the Rinna controversy either. She absolutely had an equally shared blame in the Munchausen’s talk about Yolanda (Foster) Halid. They both tossed around the idea that maybe Yolanda may want them to believe she was sicker than she was letting on. It was Rinna that threw the word; Munchausen’s out there.

In 2011, Rinna appeared on NBC Celebrity Apprentice with Starr Jones. Apparently, Lisa left the show early in the season, but she blamed Jones for her departure. Lisa decided to target Starr and sent threatening emails, texts, and messages via social media. In fact, Jones was harassed so badly, she filed a complaint with NBC and submitted the emails and messages to the network to deal with it; she was utterly tired of the verbal assaults. NY Daily News revealed that Rinna responded by deleting her tweets to Starr, and she vowed not to contact her again; however, the damage was done, and the hostile behavior would continue as she crossed over to RHOBH just 18 months later.

While Lisa Vanderpump may have a history of being an (alleged) master manipulator, it is apparent that Rinna has a problem with maintaining healthy business rivals. The only way she seems to crush her competition is by insulting, belittling, and trashing their character. Voice your opinion about Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump’s epic showdown heading into the RHOBH season finale in the comments below. Come back later for more spoilers, news, and updates.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]