Post Malone Grabs Justin Bieber By The Throat: Friends Fighting Inside Houston Club After Ashtray Incident?

In a shocking turn of events, it appears as if Post Malone was far from amused when Justin Bieber put out a lit cigarette on the rapper’s arm. So much that, just minutes after the incident, Malone grabbed the 23-year-old by his throat, leaving the pop star looking fearful and stunned.

The two best friends were seen arriving at Che nightclub in Houston over the weekend, and from what sources have said, everything was going great for the most part. The duo and their crew decided to party following another successful show as part of the Purpose World Tour, staying for several hours before the commotion erupted.

Justin Bieber, who was allegedly drinking and smoking throughout the night, stood next to Malone as the rapper performed in front of the crowd, before oddly deciding to use the 20-year-old’s arm as an ashtray. Video footage that has since been posted on multiple social media sites sees Justin smile as he dabs his cigarette against Post Malone’s arm.

The “White Iverson” hitmaker didn’t seem to react to Justin’s antics, but judging by the photo, some users on Twitter believe that the rapper may have waited until his the end of performance before confronting Bieber.

“Malone is facing Bieber with his left arm outstretched and his thumb and fingers pressing into the Sorry singer’s neck,” the Daily Mail, who obtained the photos, goes on to explain. “The 22-year-old, who’s wearing a knitted beanie, seems startled by what is happening, as the party keeps going around him.”

Following the shocking altercation, Bieber and Malone seemed to have put their differences aside, at least for the sake of their fans. The two ended up performing together for their show in Dallas. There was no bad blood between the two, but whether or not Post Malone has forgiven Justin Bieber has yet to be determined.

Evidently, Justin Bieber made no mention of the incident on his Instagram account, where he tends to update his millions of fans on a regular basis. Post Malone is often spotted in Bieber’s collection of online photos, as the rapper is currently opening for Justin’s Purpose North American leg of the tour.

Justin presumably didn’t want to make a huge scene out of the scandal, knowing how much he has been scrutinized by the media in the past. Just last week, it was alleged that Bieber’s good friend and talk show host, Ellen Degeneres, was determined to get the pop star professional therapeutic help, fearing that the “Sorry” singer was beginning to show early signs of another meltdown.

A source revealed the cancellation of meet-and-greets, followed with his continuous wild antics backstage during his concerts, have given Ellen every reason to believe that Justin Bieber could potentially be spiraling out of control again.

The talk show star has never commented on the claims made involving her and Justin Bieber, so it’s unclear how true the story is. But judging by the hitmaker’s behavior at the Houston club over the weekend, something might be amiss; putting out a lit cigarette on a friend seems rather strange.

Now that the photos of the altercation have emerged, Post Malone is bound to make a statement regarding where his friendship with Justin Bieber currently stands. But do you think the rapper should forgive his pal?

[Photo by Anthony Harvey and Angela Weiss/Getty Images]

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