Sonja Morgan Speaks Out, Reveals She Quit Drinking

Sonja Morgan of The Real Housewives of New York City is speaking out and revealing that she totally quit drinking. This comes as pretty shocking news to a lot of people. Sonja has always enjoyed having a few drinks. The girls on the show gave her a hard time about how much she was drinking and if she doesn’t drink then they have nothing to talk about. People shared what Sonja Morgan had to say about deciding to quit drinking totally.

The thing is Sonja Morgan doesn’t think that she needed to quit drinking. She did stop but doesn’t quite see why she should. Maybe she will change her mind, but for now, Sonja is sober. Here is what Sonja revealed.

“I don’t have to drink. I don’t need to drink. I don’t drink at lunch. I don’t drink with my daughter. I don’t drink when I have business the next day. I wish I could say the same about some of my cast mates, because they do have to drink.”

Sonja doesn’t see the problem with her drinking, but she did go ahead and make the decision to quit. While at the RHONY premiere, Sonja wasn’t seen drinking at all and only sipped water. Sonja Morgan shared that the other women on the show have been trying to get her to stop drinking for a while now. It took a lot, but she finally went through with it. Sonja actually started out by just drinking wine and champagne instead of vodka or hard alcohol, but that wasn’t enough to get them to be quiet. She finally decided to just give it all up.

Sonja Morgan isn’t shy about the fact that she loves to drink, but she gave it up and thinks she made the right decision. Sonja explained it saying, “I’ll just quit drinking and take the air out of their tires.'” It will be a lot harder for them to find something to say about Sonja if she doesn’t have alcohol in her system. Of course, with reality television, you know that they will find a way to talk about her.

During this new season of RHONY, Sonja Morgan has become really close with LuAnn de Lesseps. People shared about how they were bunking together. LuAnn moved in with Sonja while she was looking for an apartment and the two got along great. Her kids were both off at college and so she decided to just go stay with Sonja for a bit. Sonja said that living with her was a bit interesting. Here is what she had to say.

“Cohabitation with the Countess was very interesting. We raided the wine cellar. We fell up the stairs, we fell down the stairs. We brought the luggage up in the elevator, and then we eventually brought the luggage down in the elevator, because she got engaged.”

It does sound like Sonja Morgan was still drinking then. Maybe she still enjoys a drink now and then when the cameras aren’t rolling, but Sonja has made it sound like she is totally done. It will be interesting to see if that ends up lasting.

Are you shocked to hear that Sonja Morgan has totally quit drinking? Do you think that this will last or will she start up again? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City on Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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