Ted Cruz Accuses Donald Trump Of Threatening Delegates, Oppression, And Violence

Ted Cruz accused Donald Trump of threatening delegates today, during a radio interview refuting Trump's claims that Cruz used "gestapo" tactics to win in Colorado.

Cruz attacked Trump during the interview, relentlessly hammering Donald Trump's business record, his campaign, and his campaign surrogates like Roger Stone. Ted Cruz came out swinging during the interview, criticizing Donald Trump for employing a man like Roger Stone, who claimed on camera last week that he would be releasing the contact information for Republican delegates to Trump supporters – in an effort to intimidate or otherwise persuade the delegates to vote for Trump, an act that Cruz called a "tactic of union thugs."

"That is a tactic of union thugs. That is violence. It is oppressive. The idea that Donald is threatening delegates, we're seeing that pattern over and over again. Donald needs to understand he's not Michael Corleone, Donald needs to stop threatening the voters. He needs to stop threatening the delegates. He is not a mobster," said Ted Cruz during the interview with Glenn Beck, reports ABC News.

Trump supporter Roger Stone said last week that he intended to publish the home addresses of delegates in Colorado, if they didn't vote for or support Trump. A move that caused Senator Cruz to accuse Donald Trump of oppressive behavior. Later on, Cruz kept on the attack, criticizing Trump's record as a businessman.

"Donald's whole pitch is he's a great businessman, it appears he can't run a lemonade stand," said Ted Cruz today, talking to supporter Glenn Beck on Beck's radio show.

Ted Cruz has stepped up the Anti-Trump rhetoric in recent interviews after a solid victory in Colorado, which Trump strongly criticized this week, calling the victory the result of a rigged and crooked system. Senator Cruz responded today, during the Glenn Beck interview, accusing Donald Trump of whining about losing the race in Colorado. Further, Cruz used the interview to position himself for a loss in New York State – where Trump is strongly favored to win in the upcoming Republican primary.

"He ought to win his home state convincingly, if Donald isn't substantially above 50 percent in New York it will be a big loss for him," said Senator Ted Cruz today, speaking with radio host Glenn Beck.

Ted Cruz set high expectations for the Donald Trump campaign, which is strongly favored to win New York, but after Cruz's statements the Trump campaign will need to win by a large margin in order to avoid further criticism by the Cruz campaign. Cruz went on to joke with radio host and supporter Glenn Beck, about the infamous Chris Christie endorsement and subsequent social media response.

"Chris Christie right now is trapped in his own private hell. When Chris was standing behind Donald holding his jacket, the look in his eyes. You could see the screaming," said Ted Cruz during an appearance on supporter Glenn Beck's radio show today.

Ted Cruz has had a strong showing in Colorado, sweeping the state's miniature Republican convention, in part because of the strength of his ground game. According to Newsweek, Ted Cruz established a team in Colorado at the start of the Republican presidential race, building on the state's arcane rules for delegate selection, and ensuring that Cruz supporters were present and able to vote in large numbers, delivering Cruz a solid victory over Donald Trump.

Trump has criticized the Colorado victory, in part over a disagreement with the Republican National Committee, who Trump claims "stole" votes from Colorado voters by denying them the right to vote in a primary election, as Inquisitr reported previously.

"I am an outsider, and I came into the system, but the system is rigged, it's crooked," said Trump this week, after his devastating loss in Colorado.

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