Cameran Eubanks Of ‘Southern Charm’ Shares Why Her Husband Isn’t On Reality TV And More [Video]

If you watch Southern Charm, you will notice that Cameran Eubanks is on the show, but never brings her husband around. The two have been together a while and married for almost two years, but he hasn’t even made an appearance on the show. ET Online shared the news that Cameran is now speaking out about why he isn’t on the series and why she goes to therapy as well.

Cameran Eubanks admits she might be a little crazy because she thinks everyone has to be a bit crazy if they put themselves on reality television. She did just that, so, of course, therapy is a must. Cameran has been married to Jason Wimberly for almost two years, but he is never on the show. She has a reason for keeping him off the show, though, and Cameran Eubanks shared the details.

“It’s just kind of a non-negotiable for me. My husband, he has sense — common sense — therefore, he chooses to stay off reality television. My relationship is very precious to me, so, I try to keep that private.”

Cameran’s good friend Shep spoke out and said that her husband is a good listener and the exact opposite of him. Her husband isn’t on the show, but her friends know him. Cameran is considering having children and that will be aired on the show. She even teased that during Season 3, she will head to therapy to talk about it all. If Cameran does decide to have a baby, then Jason might just have to find a way to make an appearance or two on the show.

Another thing you will end up seeing this season is Cameran Eubanks’ good friend Shep dating. Shep teased that he dates a lot of girls, but he is able to stay being friends with all of them. Shep likes to have fun and it doesn’t look like he will be getting serious with anyone anytime soon.

Back in 2014, Hollywood Life shared the details of Cameran Eubanks’ big wedding to Dr. Jason Wimberly. The couple had their big day without letting any of it air on the show. Jason, an anesthesiologist in Charleston, South Carolina, is Cameran’s longtime boyfriend and best friend. In the show, Cameran never even mentioned Jason or showed off a ring before getting married. They will actually have their two-year wedding anniversary tomorrow.

Cameran Eubanks wore a simple ivory dress for the wedding and the guests got to eat fried chicken. They had purple flowers and the bridesmaids wore periwinkle dresses. The wedding was held on a plantation near Charleston. It sounds like Cameran had an amazing day, but just didn’t let the Bravo cameras be involved in it at all.

A lot of fans think that Cameran Eubanks should change her mind and let her husband join the show. It is not very often that you get to see a woman on a reality show with her husband not being present. Cameran just thinks it is best to keep this part of her life private and it doesn’t look like she will be changing her mind anytime soon.

Are you shocked to hear why Cameran Eubanks doesn’t want her husband to be on reality television? Do you think that she should change her mind and bring him on the show? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Southern Charm on Mondays on Bravo.

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