Rob Kardashian’s Engagement Diet: Blac Chyna Puts Him On An Intense 5-Week Training Plan — What We Know About Her Rapid Weight Loss Routine

It’s not a secret that Rob Kardashian has struggled with his weight the past few years. His family has begged the former reality TV star to lose weight–they were scared for him, and unsure how to help him. Finally, Kardashian admitted he had a problem with food, last year, and decided to lose weight. He was often inconsistent; although, over the past couple of months, Rob has gotten much more serious about his weight as he prepares to marry Blac Chyna. Kardashian wants to do everything he can to ensure he is in the best shape of his life when he says “I do” to Blac Chyna in the next few months.

People revealed that Blac Chyna put Kardashian on a five-week weight loss plan, and the result will be a massive fat loss, huge muscle gains, and (hopefully) weight loss. People’s nutritionist was asked to weigh in and reveal if his diet plan is healthy for a man that weighs nearly 250 pounds. And the expert stated that his food is healthy and seems to be sustainable for the most part.

Rob eats an extremely low-carb meal plan and focuses on fresh vegetables and low carb fruits. A typical meal for him would be one slice of whole wheat bread, two eggs, and a few slices a low sodium bacon. For dinner, Kardashian stated he typical would eat a turkey breast (5 oz) and two servings of vegetable like asparagus or steamed broccoli. The experts weigh in and explain his current weight loss plan is a healthy way to shed the weight and will not deprive him of any vital nutrients.

Rob’s fans have stood by him while he gained a massive amount of weight, and vowed to take care of himself. Last year, Kardashian was diagnosed with diabetes, and his doctors advised him to get control of his diet and lose at least 10-20 percent of his weight. Apparently, according to Cosmopolitan, that’s when he got serious about his health and losing weight.

Blanc Chyna put her future husband on an intense five-week weight loss plan, which includes vegetables and high protein and an intense exercise routine. As her part in his weight loss journey, she vowed to train her man and will be there for every activity he performs. Isn’t that sweet? Right now, after losing 100 pounds, Rob weighed just over 248 lbs and stated he wants to weigh 210 when he gets married in the next couple of months.

His exercise routine is intense and include walking on the treadmill, running, followed by lifting weights. Blac Chyna told her followers that she will be overseeing his training now, and they are embarking on the weight loss journey together.

Today I’m going to train Rob. We’re starting a journey. I’m going to start training him myself. The couple then did a weigh-in (248.4 pounds) before Rob declared his goal weight (200–210 pounds). I think that’s perfect.

Rob’s diet includes all he can eat of green and low carb vegetables, as well as unlimited protein. He isn’t drinking any milk or eating any dairy products and drinks mostly all water as his choice of beverage. Every morning, Kardashian drinks a glass of water with a squeezed lemon and swears it aids in his digestion for the day and helps get his intestines moving. Rob is determined to getting in the best shape of his life as he prepares to begin his life with Blac Chyna.

Kardashian and Blac Chyna has stated they cannot wait to start a family; however, Rob needs to shed 30 more pounds to reach his ideal weight. There has been some speculation that Blac Chyna is pregnant right now, although Kardashian has not confirmed the rumor yet.

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