Conan O'Brien And 'The Walking Dead' Star Steven Yeun Featured In J.Y. Park's K-Pop Music Video Alongside TWICE, Wonder Girls, Day6, And Got7 [Video]

Jan Omega

Earlier this year, Conan O'Brien made a trip to South Korea, accompanied by Steven Yeun, a Korean-American actor known for playing the role of Glenn Rhee in The Walking Dead. The reason for Conan visiting the country was because a fan sent him snacks native to them. In response to this, Conan said he would go and visit South Korea. He even made announcements via social media for any of his South Korean fans to stop by and say hello.

To Conan O'Brien's surprise, he was treated like a K-pop star in South Korea. To start, he was given a warm welcome by what seemed like more than a hundred people upon arrival at Incheon International Airport. After he settled in, Conan was sought out for numerous appearances as well as filming scenes for his show Conan, which included a visit to the border of North and South Korea in which he attempted to initiate peace between the countries.

The most entertaining parts of Conan O'Brien's stay in South Korea were his participation in Korean entertainment. In Korean dramas, or K-dramas, Conan made a guest cameo appearance in One More Happy Ending starring Jung Kyung Ho (Endless Love, Falling for Innocence) and Jang Na Ra (Fated to Love You, Hello Monster). However, Conan's participation in K-pop was the most epic as he, along with Steven Yeun, were featured in a K-pop music video performed by J.Y. Park. Not only that, it featured appearances from well-known K-pop groups, TWICE, Wonder Girls, Day6, and Got7.

It should be known that Conan O'Brien, Steven Yeun, and J.Y. Park had something up their sleeves as Conan and Steven were seen entering the JYP Entertainment headquarters during their South Korea trip, as reported by Soompi. A representative from JYP Entertainment eventually confirmed preparations for the collaboration were underway, but the representative remained highly secretive. Eventually, details of that collaboration were made known during an episode of Conan in which Conan and Steven were shown getting prepped up to be featured in a huge K-pop music video of a song performed by J.Y. Park. This not only included wardrobe, but also makeup and hair styling.

The Wonder Girls were the first K-pop group to make an appearance as they performed alongside J.Y. Park. They were also a part of the airplane cabin scene in which Yubin pushed out Conan through the cabin door while in midair. TWICE were next, appearing in the makeup and wardrobe scene. They assisted Conan and Steven in becoming K-pop stars. Take note that TWICE member Dahyun was missing because she was busy with solo endeavors at the time. As for Day6 and Got7, they weren't specifically featured but they were the male dancers in the shot that featured everyone.

[Image via Screen Capture of "Fire" Music Video by J.Y. Park]