‘Outlander’ Season 2 Spoilers: Shocking Twists & Turns Coming

Outlander Season 2 is only days from premiering on Starz and fans are in a Fraser frenzy. Viewers have been waiting months for the new season and can’t wait any longer to find out what happens now that Claire and Jamie Fraser are on their way to France. [Warning: Major spoilers below!]

When Outlander Season 1 ended, Claire and Jamie had just been through the worst ordeal of their lives. Jamie had been tortured and raped by the disgusting Black Jack Randall and was so broken that he wanted to kill himself. However, Claire helped him through much of the pain and the pair decided to flee Scotland and head to France.

During the finale Claire revealed to Jamie that she was pregnant with his child, and he was completely thrilled about it. Spoilers for Season 2 reveal that some very shocking twists and turns are coming for the Frasers, and fans who haven’t read the book series are likely going to be stunned.

Outlander Spoilers: Claire returns home to Frank in Season 2.
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TV Line reports that actress Sophie Skelton has already been cast as Claire and Jamie’s daughter, Brianna. For Outlander fans who don’t know, Brianna, or Bree, is raised in America by Claire and her first husband Frank Randall. (Making it obvious that Claire returns to her own time.) Brianna grows up believing that Frank is her biological father.

Brianna spends a lot of time with Roger Wakefield, who is the adopted son of the Reverend Reginald Wakefield. Roger’s birth parents were killed during World War II and he eventually marries Brianna.

This will be a shocking plot twist for Outlander viewers as Claire has already given up going back to her own time in the future as well as to her husband Frank so she can stay in the 1700s and be Jamie’s wife. When she returns to Frank and the 1940s she is sure to be a changed woman. Since 20-something Sophie Skelton has been cast as Claire and Jamie’s daughter, it seems likely to say a possible time jump or flash-forwards will be in order to show Claire’s life when she returns to Frank.

Outlander Spoilers: What happens in Season 2?
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With so much of Frank Randall seemingly coming in Outlander Season 2, does this mean that Captain Black Jack Randall is possibly dead or out of the picture? While he may be gone, he won’t be forgotten by Claire and Jamie. Jamie will carry around the pain of Randall’s rape and torture with him wherever he goes and Claire will be forced to return to Frank, her husband that looks just like Black Jack. Will Frank’s face make it hard for Claire to ease back in to her old life, and what will happen to Jamie with Claire back in the future?

In addition to all the time jumping questions, Outlander has made it clear that Claire and Jamie will try to change the outcome of the future by joining the Jacobite rebellion in France led by Prince Charles Stuart. The two are determined to stop the battle of Culloden before it destroys Scotland and the Highlanders.

Season 2 will be based on the second book in Diana Galbaldon’s Outlander series titled Dragonfly In Amber, and with all the twist and turns expected in the sophomore season of the Starz hit show, there’s no doubt that book sales could soar as fans want to get their hands on what happens next in the story of Jamie and Claire’s quest to save Scotland and their relationship.

Outlander Season 2 premieres on Starz at 9 p.m. on Saturday, April 9.

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