‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ Guide: Dunkleosteus Taming And Use

Who is the real king of the sea in ARK: Survival Evolved? Is it the Megalodon, Mosasaurus, or Plesiosaur? A new contender entered the waters with PC patch 238.0 and the upcoming 733.0 Xbox One update in the form of the Dunkleosteus. Find out how to tame and use the giant armored fish with this guide.

Where To Find The Dunkleosteus

Being a sea creature, the Dunkleosteus is naturally found in the ocean surrounding The Island in ARK: Survival Evolved. The parts of the ocean where they are most commonly found are along with western coast up to the northwest corner of the map and across the north. They are not as commonly found in the southern ocean sections.

The Dunkleosteus is a predator, so it will attack without warning. It is a little bigger than a Megalodon, so keep an eye out for the giant fish’s unique silhouette below you while swimming.


ARK: Survival Evolved - Dunkleosteus (PC, Xbox One) [Image via Studio Wildcard]The Dunkleosteus will need to be knocked out in order to be tamed. That means ARK Survivors will need to use a Crossbow and Tranq Arrow combination underwater, or find a way to kite it into a cave where a Longneck Rifle and Tranq Dart or Bow and Tranq Arrow can be used.

Actually knocking out a Dunkleosteus can be a chore, since the creature’s bite is so powerful. You don’t want to get too close. Fortunately, the creature’s turn radius is extremely poor, which allows an ARK Survivor to swim circles around the fish and/or around underwater rocks while shooting Tranq Arrows with the Crossbow.

The preferred taming food for the Dunkleosteus is Titanoboa Kibble, followed by Raw Prime Meat, Cooked Prime Meat, Raw Meat, and Cooked Meat. The Titanoboa Kibble recipe requires a Titanoboa egg, 1 Longrass, 1 Cooked Meat Jerky, 2 Mejoberries, 3 Fiber, and 1 Waterskin.

The good news is the time it takes to tame a Dunkleosteus with Raw Prime Meat isn’t terribly more than Kibble. Titanoboa eggs are notoriously annoying to obtain in ARK: Survival Evolved since the giant snakes cannot be tamed. There is a huge time difference when going from Raw Prime Meat to Cooked Prime Meat, though.

Refer to the taming calculators at Survive Ark, DodoDex, or Crumplecorn for the exact amount of food and Narcotics needed for the level of Dunkleosteus you are attempting to tame.


The huge jaws are armored head of the Dunkleosteus makes it an extremely deadly underwater attack machine. It is one of the few creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved capable of destroying a stone structure, perfect for attacking underwater bases.

It is also capable of harvesting oil underwater from Oil Nodes, as well as stone. Oil deposits will yield more oil with a Dunkleosteus than with a pickaxe. Even the new Euryptids can be harvested using the giant fish.

Killing and harvesting a Dunkleosteus will reward Raw Prime Meat, Raw Meat, and Chitin.


There is really only one use for the Dunkleosteus, and that is as a mobile underwater tank. Focus on Health, Melee Damage, and Stamina when leveling up with Movement Speed as a secondary focus.


ARK: Survival Evolved Dunkleosteus Dossier (PC, Xbox One)
[Image via Studio Wildcard]
  • Wild: Dunkleosteus Loricaruptor is a very strange creature. It is a fairly large fish, covered head to tail in armored plates, with incredibly powerful jaws. It tends to eat the islands’ water-dwelling crustaceans, as it is not fast enough to catch most of the smaller fish.
  • Domesticated: Dunkleosteus is an incredibly useful fish for coastal communities. Its powerful jaws make short work of the stone and oil formations found throughout the oceanic depths. While harvesting, Dunkleosteus can handily defend its rider from all but the largest threats in the waters. And once past its prime, the Dunkleosteus can be harvested for a fair amount of Chitin.
  • Known Information: Dunkleosteus is surprisingly combat-oriented for a fish. Its well-armored body protects it from many creatures, while its bite is strong enough to easily crush through chitinous shells.

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