‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ Guide: Titanosaur Taming And Use

ARK: Survival Evolved now has a creature that surpasses even the Gigantosaurus in both size and power. Added in PC patch 243 and the upcoming Xbox One 737 update, the Titanosaur is so strong developer Studio Wildcard put some limits on its use. Find out the details and how to use the titanic creature in this guide.

Where to Find the Titanosaur

The Titanosaur can primarily be found roaming around the newly added Redwood Forest on The Island. It appears to occasionally wander into the nearby areas, such as the swamps, Southern Islands, and Volcano area, but the Redwoods are where it most likely spawns.

Note that the Titanosaur is not available for The Center (guide) map yet. It will be added in the Redwood update for that map, which is currently targeting the second half of July.

It’s important to remember that these are rare spawns. So rare, that ARK: Survival Evolved only supports three of them existing in the game world at the same time.

It is fairly docile while wandering around the map, and will only react when attacked. Just be aware that its attacks are strong enough to break through most structures and destroy creatures in just one or two hits, with the exception of the Gigantosaurus.

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Taming a Titanosaur is a task only for high-level players in an alpha-level or near alpha-level tribe. The Titanosaur Platform Saddle alone requires a level 95 character to craft with a stupendous amount of resources – 4,000 Metal Ingots, 4,000 Hide, 1,600 Cementing Paste, and 2,000 Fiber. Additionally, the massive sauropod is a temporary tame and cannot be fed. It will only hang around for 24 hours and slowly die once its food counter reaches zero.

Player dedicated servers may set rules that allow the Titanosaur to be a permanent tame and be fed. The limit of only three of the creatures at a time does still persist, though.

ARK: Survival Evolved players and tribes that do want to attempt a tame the Titanosaur will want to make sure the Platform Saddle is crafted ahead of time. The beast is a unique tame in that it must be knocked out, but not by Tranq Darts or Tranq Guns. Instead, players will need to hit it in the head with shots fired from Cannons or Catapults.

This presents an interesting strategy for knocking out the Titanosaur. The current best way is to load a Quetzal Platform Saddle up with one or two Cannons, fly in front of the creature and fire at its head until its Torpor limit is reached. This allows players to be mobile enough to avoid the inevitable retaliatory attack. Catapult attacks work too, but Cannons are more efficient.

One trick to taming the Titanosaur includes building Behemoth Gateways in an area around it. This traps the animal, but still allows it to move. The walking mountain reportedly loses Torpor if it stops moving.

Once the Titanosaur is knocked out, place the Platform Saddle on it and it is now officially yours for 24 hours. Those playing on player-run dedicated servers with feeding enabled will want to use Mejoberries to tame and maintain it.

Unfortunately, there’s not much point referring to the taming calculators at Survive Ark or DodoDex at the moment.

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The Titanosaur is a walking base capable of flattening enemy bases. It can even destroy metal structures, such as Metal Foundations, in only 11 hits. This makes it primarily a weapon to raid enemy tribes on other servers, given its limited time usage.

ARK Survivors can place any structure on the Titanosaur’s Platform Saddle with the exception of Auto Turrets, Plant X Species, water pipes, Behemoth Gateways, and Industrial Forges. There is a weight limit of 50,000. You will likely hit the structure limit of 250 items before hitting the weight limit, however.

Keep in mind that while the Titanosaur is essentially a raid boss, it also presents a huge target for other tribes. It has an insane 150,000 base health so defending tribes will want to load up on turrets and cannons to counter the giant’s attacks.

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Wild: Today I witnessed an unforgettable sight: the extremely rare Titanosaurus Vagacastrum. Essentially a walking mountain, it is an absolutely enormous sauropod which has developed armored plates of bone protrusions all over its body.

  • Domesticated: I suspect that a Titanosaur, for all its sheer size, is overkill for a lone rider. Rather, for those elite tribes powerful enough to bend one of these titans to their will, the epic creature is employed as a mobile superfortress, capable of ferrying obscene amounts of weight, structures, defenses, and creatures across the island. Some nomadic tribes even have their main base on the back of a Titanosaur!
  • Known Information: Between these plates and its unparalleled size, Titanosaurus is extremely difficult to put down. In addition, Titanosaurus seems outright immune to any sort of narcotic effects. They often inadvertently crush nearby creature underfoot with every step they take. While most sauropods ignore non-hostile creatures, Titanosaurs take issue with creatures invading its personal space. This is probably because they aggressively feed off any and all plants they can find. Titanosaurus eats constantly, which certainly helps recover health quickly, even after fighting off numerous carnivores such as Giganotosaurus.

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