Miley Cyrus & Adam Levine Clash On ‘The Voice’ As Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton Feud? Fans Hate Changes

Miley Cyrus isn’t even a coach yet on The Voice, but the drama already has started. This season, Miley is serving as the key adviser on The Voice, with her role as a coach scheduled for next season. However, when it comes to Adam Levine, there’s a battle brewing, a source told Us Weekly.

One of the featured elements of The Voice is called the battle rounds. But there’s nothing melodic when it comes to Adam and the “Wrecking Ball” singer, who “totally butted heads” with Levine.

In her role as key adviser for Season 10 of The Voice, Cyrus is discovering that she and Adam have so many similar traits that they can’t get along, revealed the source. And while Levine gets upset, she actually enjoys the confrontation.

“They both have short attention spans,” explained the insider. “They find each other annoying. Adam would get agitated when Miley would interrupt him, and she enjoyed getting under his skin.”

While the future coach, 23, is clashing with Levine, it’s all good when it comes to Blake Shelton.

“Blake and Miley got along extremely well!” added the source.

In addition to Cyrus, Alicia Keys is set to fill one of the coach chairs on the next season of The Voice. With two new coaches, who’s leaving? Say farewell to Pharrell Williams and Christina Aguilera.

Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton are coaches on this season of "The Voice."
Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton are coaches on this season of “The Voice.” [Photo by Trae Patton/NBC]
What happened to cause this dramatic shakeup? One possibility is the fierce feud that’s fired up between Blake and Christina, which Radar Online claims began as soon as the current season debuted.

The country music superstar is upset that his girlfriend Gwen Stefani isn’t a coach this season. Aguilera has become a convenient target.

“Everyone knows this and he is taking it out on Christina, and they are not getting along at all,” a source told Radar.

Is it possible that rather than getting booted, Aguilera quit?

“It’s his mission to make this as uncomfortable as possible for her so that she will not want to return next season,” claimed the source.

Gwen currently has taken on the role of mentor to her boyfriend’s team, but she won’t be returning as a coach for the next season of The Voice.

However, this shakeup isn’t the first for The Voice. When Stefani first filled the chair that Christina had kept warm, some claimed that she was so popular that staff members on The Voice didn’t want her to depart, according to Page Six.

At that time, Gwen had replaced Aguilera because Christina went on maternity leave. And it wasn’t just viewers of The Voice who were charmed by the interaction among Stefani, Adam, Blake, and Pharrell.

“When Gwen took over, she instantly became a favorite and bonded,” an insider told Page Six. “She injected energy and humor onto the panel.”

In addition, that person claimed that when Aguilera returned, it resulted in a “rift.” Stefani reportedly had longed to retain her coach chair at that point.

“[Christina’s return has] become a point of contention with everyone on the show.”

However, another source pointed out that with every shakeup on The Voice, rumors of drama occur.

“Whenever there’s a change in coaches, there are rumors of drama. Christina was always coming back. And Gwen is always welcome — hopefully she’ll be back.”

As for the upcoming season, fans are upset about the arrival of Miley and departure of Aguilera and Willams, noted the Inquisitr.

Miley Cyrus has some fans upset.
Miley Cyrus has some fans upset. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]
Pharrell reportedly may come back during future seasons, but nothing about Christina returning has been released. And for the first time, The Voice will give two female coaches the chance to compete against Shelton and Levine.

Fans took their protest to Twitter.

“Miley is going to be on the Voice? Yeah no thank you,” wrote one person.

Some threatened to boycott the show.

“Mever thought the day would come when I decide not to watch a season of #TheVoice but Miley, @NBC??!! #beyond #disappointed,” asserted another.

With all the focus on Miley, some felt it was unfair to the other coaches.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

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