Blac Chyna Says Tyga ‘Making My Life Hell’

All the recent Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian pics seemed to show a happy, engaged couple without a care in the world.

But there’s one big problem right now for Blac. Her ex, Tyga, said he was happy with Chyna’s engagement to Kardashian, but now sources reveal that Tyga is anything but pleased. In fact, he’s putting a lot of effort into creating obstacles for Blac and “really trying to destroy her life.” Chyna isn’t putting up with it, though. She’s hitting back at her ex by going public and letting fans know that Tyga’s support for Blac and Rob is nothing more than a show.

According to TMZ, Tyga is playing dirty and using his and Blac’s son, King Cairo, to gain some leverage over Chyna. The source, who is reported to be “directly connected” to Blac herself, claims that Tyga is determined to get King away from Chyna and Kardashian and going to “great lengths” to set King against his mom. Tyga has even hired a lawyer and filed for full custody of his son. That sounds serious!

Tyga and Blac broke up in 2014 and probably never expected to have to see each other again. They have a nanny who can carry messages about parenting decisions between the estranged pair and lawyers to deal with the legal stuff, plus lots of money for extra staff to fill in any gaps.

But not long after the breakup, Tyga hooked up with Kylie Jenner, and more recently, Blac and Rob began their relationship. Now with Blac and Rob’s engagement, Chyna and Tyga are both part of the Kardashian family, and they’re having a hard time figuring out a way to get along.

Tyga isn’t speaking to Chyna at all, which could be awkward at Kardashian family dinners. Blac doesn’t even have her baby daddy’s new cell number in case of emergencies, and it’s pretty much the nanny who acts as a go-between. As if that weren’t enough, the source says that Tyga is out to diss Blac in every way that he can, even using terms like “drunk whore, deadbeat mama and nasty b***h” in the campaign to wreck Blac’s life with the Kardashians.

The strain between Blac and Tyga has been ongoing since their split and escalated when Chyna was arrested in Austin, Texas, on drug charges. That’s when Tyga began to express deep concern for his son’s well-being, since King lives with Chyna and Rob.

Fans thought maybe things were getting better when Tyga spoke in support of Blac’s engagement to Rob, but it looks like the tension between Tyga and Blac has only gotten worse. The Daily Mail reports that the “outpouring of support” may not have been real and may have just been in response to fans on social media making comments.

Tyga said some super nice things, though, and it would be great if at least some of what he said is how he really feels. He said that everyone deserves to be happy, but also pointed out that what other people do to be happy shouldn’t be allowed to interfere with his own happiness.

“It makes me happy to see the mother of my son happy, My only concern in this situation is my son. I want him in happy environments.”

Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend has some tough words for the people who were questioning whether King would call Blac Momma Auntie or Auntie Momma.

“Only an evil heart would direct negativity at a child & make fun of him for being in a situation that is out of his control.”

The rapper probably meant what he said about King, but he’s convinced the best thing for his son is to keep him away from Chyna and Kardashian as much as possible. It looks like Blac and Rob’s engagement is something that Tyga thinks is interfering with King’s happiness and maybe with his own as well.

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